You’ve Probably Seen a Lenticular Cloud Over Mt. Shasta, But Have You Been Lucky Enough to Witness an Alien Sunrise in Your Life?

The sunrise skies in Weed, California were lit thanks to an alien-like cloud.

Flying saucerlike apparitions are no stranger to the skies in Weed, situated just west of Mount Shasta. In addition to its beauty, the 14,179-foot volcanic peak is best at producing lenticular clouds… Before the next eruption!

lenticular cloud floating over Mont Shasta in California. Picture by Shasta-McCloud Management Unit Fire Management Officer Paul Zerr.

While UFO sightings are common around Mount Shasta, this time it was a fancy cloud that came knocking on February 12, 2020 morning.

The cloud the shape of a flying saucer was seen floating over Mount Shasta, like trying to fuel on the volcano.

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And if you add the sunrise colors, then the pictures shared on Social Medias turned out completely mystifying.

How do lenticular clouds form?

How does a lenticular cloud form?

Lenticular clouds form when comparatively moist air rides up a mountaintop, forced into a cooler layer of air above.

If the cool-down is significantly large, the air parcel can become chilled to saturation, forming a cloud.

Downwind of the mountain, the air eventually sinks lower in the atmosphere, drying out and eroding any visible cloud.

It’s funny that those weird cloud formations commonly appear over cities like ‘WEED’. As if stoned people had to trip harder!