Worst than Covid is Coming | Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj

The following is the transcript of a message from Prophet Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj as recorded from a live stream on March 29, 2020. The Original video was already private but here is the transcript:

My dearly beloved sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, I am going to speak to you plainly, exactly all the things that the Lord has shown me. That is the work and the purpose of a prophet. There is no reason for him to mince his words, or there is no need to soften those words. While we were singing the last sentence of this song (Tamil song sung prior to the beginning of this session), in fact from the beginning of the song, I saw the Lord Jesus Christ standing before me like the Lion of Judah. And when we were singing the last sentence, He looked very intently at me and spoke these words. He said, “My anger has not subsided yet.”

You know… science tells us, when a male lion gets up to go, because it is sleeping the whole day, it’s only the female lion who goes to hunt for food the whole day, but when the male lion gets up, he will go after the prey. So in the same manner, the Lord God says to you, “My anger has not subsided yet.” So what is it to reference? What is He making reference to? This is in reference to the present pandemic of the coronavirus, Covid-19. So when He spoke that, He showed me a scriptural reference.

In Genesis 18, you will read like this. The Lord God appeared with three of His angels—I am sorry: He appeared with two of His angels. And they came before Abraham. And He told Abraham what He was going to do. And He said, “The cries of Sodom and Gomorrah have reached My ears. And I have come to see the reality of the cries and execute My judgment.” And while the Lord was tarrying with Abraham, the two angels who accompanied the Lord God were sent forth to Sodom and Gomorrah. They were sent out to spy the land, to see in reality, concerning, to verify the cries that were coming from the land.

And in the meantime, the Lord God is speaking with Abraham. And I am sure you will recall that Abraham interceded for Sodom and Gomorrah. And when he finished his intercession, the Lord left him. And when the Lord left him, He gave command to the two angels to execute judgment on Sodom and Gomorrah, plus another five cities. And I want you to take note of what the Lord God said. He said, “The cries of the land have reached My ears.”

And we read in Genesis 4 that God came and asked Cain a question, “Where is your brother?” So he denied knowing where he was. And the Lord told him, “The blood of your brother is crying from the land.” The blood of his brother was spilled on the ground. And who is Abel? An innocent man. An innocent man’s blood was shed on the ground. When a person is killed for righteousness’ sake, like, for example, when a person kills another person, God’s command says that “A life for a life.” And many nations today have in their chartered laws that a person who murders another person will be sent to the gallows. So when a guilty person is killed, that is not a righteous death, because he is a sinner, an unrighteous person.

Recently, the Indian Supreme Court ordered four men who brutally raped a 23-year-old college girl to the gallows. So the Supreme Court of India wisely and correctly sent those four wicked persons to the gallows. Altogether there were six persons who brutally gang-raped that poor girl. She was so badly abused and treated that she died 13 days without any recovery from medical treatment. So the court found them all guilty. Among the six, one was a juvenile person. So he was sent to juvenile reformatory center. And the other five persons were sentenced to be put to death. One person hanged himself in the prison cell. And the other four were just hanged a little while ago. Now all of them were wicked sinners. So the law of the land that kills such people is not innocent blood. It’s righteous killing. But when a righteous or an innocent man is killed, their blood cries out to God.

This morning I saw the testimony of one girl from Tamil Nadu in India, how she had a death experience. She died for two hours after giving birth to her daughter. She had a C-section done; Caesarean was done, and that caused complications, and she was sick with fever for several days. She was admitted at the government hospital. And not a single nurse bothered to give her any treatment to treat the fever. And eventually she developed complication, and she died. When she died, her spirit was taken to heaven. Now this girl is a believer. She was water baptized, she was filled with the Holy Spirit, and her father is a minister of God, and this girl also does some kind of ministry. So when her spirit came before heaven, so she appeared before an angel with many books before him. So this dear daughter told the angel… Okay… she told her name and to ask the angel to look at the Book of Life for her name. The angel kept flipping all the pages but could not find her name. And this woman was shocked.

So she told the angel, “I have another name… that was given to me when I was baptized in the water.” So she told the angel that name. Even that name was not found in the Book of Life. Then the angel took another book called the Book of Remembrance. This is written in Malachi 3. And they flipped through the pages; they found her name there. So she sighed a great relief that her name was there. But against the name were many, many evil records written. And among one of them was, she was a murderer. So she was shocked to see that. And then she was brought before the Lord Jesus Christ.

She couldn’t see the face of the Lord Jesus, because He was full of glory. You know, in Matthew 5:8, it is written, “Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God.” So that is true even in heaven. If your heart is not pure, justified, and sanctified, you cannot see the face of God. You can see His form, it’ll be like a glorious, bright light, but not able to see His face. In Psalm 45, it is written, “He who loves pureness of heart, the King shall be his friend.” When the king becomes your friend, have you seen any friend putting a mask over their face, a veil over their face, talking with one another? No, they don’t do that. When two girls who are really good friends talking with each other, they don’t even put on their makeup.

Let me share with you one recent very comical thing that happened. On March 14, 2020, we conducted the stone-laying and ground-breaking ceremony for the four acres of land that we had purchased for our ministry. So one of my dear sons came all the way from Ghana. He is a wonderful evangelist, serving God in Accra, Ghana. So one evening they came to pay me a visit before they left. And I was praying in my room at that time when they visited me. So while they were waiting for me, he was talking on FaceTime with his wife. So while he was talking, I came out of my room. So he told me, “Papa, please talk to your daughter.” So without warning, he passed the phone to me. And she was without her makeup. As soon as she saw me, she said, “Aaaah!” She shouted, and she dropped the phone, and she ran inside. And after sometime, she came back with some makeup on her face. [Sadhu Selvaraj laughs mildly.]

But look at this picture. When she was talking with her husband, she was not… she need not hide herself with any makeup. But when they talk with another person, they’ll put a veil. In the same manner, when the King becomes your friend, He will show His face to you. He doesn’t put a veil. So now come back to the testimony of this girl.

She saw the glory of God, and she covered her eyes. And the Lord told her, “You are a murderer. You cannot be in heaven. You should be cast to hell.”

So she protested. Very humbly, she cried to the Lord, “Lord, I have never killed anybody.”

The Lord said, “Yes, you have. You aborted a baby while it was still in your womb. That is murder.” Then this woman remembered that she conceived, and she had aborted a baby.

My dearly beloved sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, one of the reasons for the outbreak of this coronavirus is the cry of the blood of the innocent that has been going up to God for years. If you read Revelation 6:9–11, when the fifth seal was broken, there was seen a vision of so many martyred saints in heaven, and the apostle John heard them all crying out to God, “How long more, my Lord? How long more… will You not take vengeance for our blood?” That was their cry—innocent people killed for the testimony of the Lord Jesus.

And the Lord told them, “Just wait, wait. There will come a time for Me to take vengeance. Wait.” Now that time has come. The blood of the babies that were killed, from one end of the world to the other end, now God is requiting the blood of the innocent. So He says, “My anger has not subsided.” That is why we are seeing this virus that started in China now taking on a very vigorous look and facing towards Europe and North America.

A lot of abortions takes place in China, and equally a lot of abortions takes place in Europe and North America. Now according to the latest statistics of affected people and dead people, through the virus, statistics says, the number of people who are affected in Italy and the US have overridden what happened in China. Even the number of people who have died through the virus in Italy, Europe, and in US, is more than the people who died through this virus in China. The anger of the Lord has not subsided. The whole world is somehow expecting this situation will get better by April 15. Will it be accordingly like that?

I like to believe it will be like that. Why do I say that? I am sure you may have heard of this man of God in the US called Chuck Pierce. He has a good reputation to be of a seasoned and accurate prophet. Not only that, he is a godly man with a good heart. So while he was waiting on God sometime in September of last year, this was during the time of Rosh Hashanah of 2019, and the word of the Lord came unto him.

Now, you may be surprised to hear this, only after the virus became a very worse condition did the World Health Organization use the word “pandemic.” But before that they were just calling it a plague. Please keep this in mind. So in September last year, when the word of the Lord came to this man of God, Chuck Pierce, the Lord told him, “A pandemic is going to break out in this world before the end of the year 2019.” Now at that time in September 2019, there was no sign of any plague, any problem.

The sign of a virus breaking out was only reported on December 31, 2019, in China. But three months before that the Lord spoke to His prophet, “A pandemic is going to break out.” And the Lord told him, “It will last till Passover of 2020.” So when is Passover of 2020? It is between April 8 and 16 of 2020. [Sadhu Selvaraj speaks of this at the 1:41:55 mark; he mentions only the beginning point of the Passover, but the post clarifies that the Passover lasts until April 16, 2020.] How do we know for definite sure that it will end at that time?

The first part of the prophecy came to pass. So definitely the second part will also come to pass. What I see now is this. I see the Lion of the Lord lifting up His foot and stamping that virus under His feet. Let me rephrase or say it correctly again like this. Not totally stamping under His feet, but put it under His feet, meaning He is keeping it under control, but not totally eradicating it. Now, why?

That we need to find out. Why? Now on February 20, 2020, I was called to come and wait at the presence of the Lord at 10 in the morning. And as I was waiting on the Lord, I was taken before His holy presence in the heavenly realm. Some people find such things hard to believe. And they mock and ridicule at such things. But if you read in the Holy Bible, God has different ways of how He wants to communicate with His people.

For example, in Exodus 19, we read that the glory of God came down to this earth on Mount Sinai to talk with His people. And when the glory of God came down on Mount Sinai, all the 3 million Hebrew people were waiting at the bottom of the mountain. And in Exodus 24, we read, God told the prophet Moses—He said, “You and the sons of Aaron and 70 elders of Israel, come up to the mountain to meet with Me.” And when the 74 people came up on the mount, then God told the prophet Moses, “Let them worship a little far, but you come closer to Me.”

So you see, there was a special grace given to the prophet Moses. Then in Exodus 33, we read that after the tabernacle was made, whenever God wants to talk with the prophet Moses, He calls him into the tabernacle, and we read that all the people will stand up by their tents and look at Moses going into the tabernacle. Now the High Priest is only allowed to go into the Holy Place in the tabernacle once a year. You see, the sons of Levi have different duties to do. Some of them were appointed to take down the furniture of the tabernacle, some of them appointed to take down the tent and set up the tent. Then some are appointed to offer the daily sacrifices. All of them who are appointed to offer the daily sacrifices, they are allowed to come into the tabernacle around the outer court area. And they are not allowed to go inside.

But Aaron and his four sons are allowed to go up to the Holy Place. And once a year, Aaron the High Priest is allowed to go into the Most Holy Place. But Moses, who is a friend of God, who had found favor and grace in the eyes of God, he could always go into the Most Holy Place. So we see here three levels of servants of God and their relationship with God and their access into the places with God. There are some servants of God who are up to the Outer Court area ministry. Then there are some ministers of God who are allowed up to the Holy Place area ministry. Then there’ll be a lesser company of people like the prophet Moses who are allowed to go into the Most Holy Place. So all these three levels of relationship and experience with God, standing before God, are there.

So what is the difference?

It’s just a calling. According to the calling, they found grace. Nothing more, nothing special. So in Exodus 3 we read that the prophet Moses is called by God to meet Him in the tabernacle. Then in Exodus 34, you read that God calls Moses up to the mount. And there you read, he sees the glory of God. Now look at these three instances. In one instance, God came down to speak to them. In another instance, God calls them into the tabernacle to speak. In another instance, God calls him up to the mount to talk with him. And if you read the book of Revelation, chapter 1 to chapter 3, the Lord Jesus came down at Island Patmos to talk with the apostle John. But from chapter 4 onwards, He calls John up to heaven to talk with him there.

Now the whole book of Revelation was not written of events only taking place in heaven. He had different experiences going up to heaven and then coming down to earth. So all these are valid spiritual experiences. So we cannot ask question, why it is like that. This God, the Master, He decides how He wants to talk with His people. And there are so many examples that we can quote from the Holy Bible about such things.

So on that day, February 20, 2020, at 10 in the morning, as I was waiting, I was caught up to the heavenly realm, and as I soon as I came and stood before the Lord Jesus, He looked at me, and He said, “The Father God wants to talk with you. You have an important message to carry back. Come with me now.” So we were transported to the place where the Father God dwells.

Some of you may think like this right now. Since you were already in the presence of the Lord Jesus, why couldn’t He have given to you directly? [Sadhu Selvaraj laughs.] Very good question. Like I told you earlier, God Almighty decides how He wants to talk to His people. You know the Holy Bible tells us, God Jehovah is the healer. And in the New Testament we read the Lord Jesus came and went about doing good, healing the people. In John 5 we read, He sent an angel to disperse the healing gift. And then in Psalm 107:20 we read, He sent forth His Word to heal the people. And then in 1 Peter 2:24 we read, by His stripes, by His blood, He heals. It is the same God, but different kinds of operations.

How can we say, “Lord, no, no, no, no, You should only work like this?” Only those who are unskilled in knowing the deep things of the Word talk foolishly like that, those who are ignorant of the ways of God. In their ignorance and arrogantly and self-righteously, they talk against all these things. But the Lord Jesus Christ said, “Those who humble themselves like little children, to such is the Kingdom of God.” So when you humble yourself like a little child, when you make yourself meek and lowly, not only for such is the Kingdom of God, but Matthew 11:27 says, “He will bring you to show the Father God.” It is all written very plainly in the Scriptures. They are not in parable form.

So when we were transported before the presence of the Father God, by the great mercies, grace, and favor of God, I first had the favor of God to be in that place in the year 2015. And from then on whenever the Lord wills, I am brought there. And those are the times He will have an important message to be delivered. This is similar to the prophet Moses. Whenever God wanted to speak to him, He calls him into the Most Holy Place in the tabernacle, and at very special moments, He calls him up to the mount. See, those two places speaks of two places in heaven. The Most Holy Place signifies the third heavenly realm. And climbing up the mount to meet with God signifies the place of the Father God.

Is this really true?

If you read Isaiah 14:12, there Lucifer says, “I will set my throne above the mountains in the northern part.” See, that is referring to the place where the Father God dwells. And then in Revelation 14:1, we read, there is a Mount Zion in heaven. So, my dearly beloved sons and daughters, all these are very, very real. So when I came and stood before the presence of the Father God, it was a huge mountainous region, beautifully covered with snow, and the summit of the mountain is always covered with clouds.

Now I’m like I told you earlier. 2015 was the first time I saw that place. So each time I come there I recognize that place. So now we stood there, and I am seeing the same scene. But somehow there was a fear of God in my heart. Each time I come there I always tremble like a leaf. To stand before the Almighty God is not an easy thing. In Exodus 34:8 you read, when the glory of God came near Prophet Moses, he fell down on the ground and worshiped God. When the apostle John saw the glorified Son of God on Mount Patmos [Island Patmos], he fell down as one who was dead. In Daniel 10, when a very glorious angelic being came and stood before the prophet Daniel, he fell down as one who was dead. The flesh cannot stand before the holy presence of the Living God.

That is why the Bible says, “No flesh can stand before the Almighty God.” That is why the blood of Jesus is our covering. Only the blood of Jesus Christ has made us possible to stand in the glory places of heaven. That is why it is written in Hebrews 4:15–16, 10:19–22, that by the blood and through the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ, we have access to come and stand before the throne of grace.

So while we were standing and looking at the mountain, from the cloud that was on the summit, came three lightnings and thunders, loud, [ear-]splitting thunder sound. And it happened three times. Three lightnings came down. In Revelation 10 you read, when the apostle John saw a mighty angel standing between heaven and earth, he then heard seven thunders. Thunders always come after lightning. So there were seven strikes of lightning accompanied by thunderclaps. In John 12:28 you read, when the Father God spoke with the Lord Jesus, it sounded like thunder to the rest of the people. And in Psalm 29, it is written, “The voice of God is like thunder.” So it is a real thing.

So when three times lightnings and thunders came, then from the summit of the mountain, the form of the Father God came and stood before me. I didn’t see the face. But the cloud… it was the form of a cloud. That’s exactly how the children of Israel saw in the Old Testament. In Exodus 33, we read, when the prophet Moses goes into the tabernacle to talk with God, a pillar of cloud comes and stands at the entrance to the tabernacle. So when the form of the Father God came and stood before me, and these are the things that He spoke.

So now I am going to tell you exactly as how I received it from the Father God.

[The part that answers the “What’s next after coronavirus?” question begins here—2:07:27.]

“Another great wind is going to sweep all over the world.”

And when He spoke the word “wind,” it was made for me to know this. Another great wind, worse than coronavirus pandemic is going to sweep this whole world. The world is shaken with fear and trembling because of coronavirus, but the word of the Lord came to say, another, worse than coronavirus, is going to come. When that comes, it will make this coronavirus look like child’s play.

So when this great wind comes, it will sting people like a hornet’s stinger. When a hornet stings a person, a person feels hot, with fire-like sensation and swelling like boils appears on their bodies. In the same manner, when this wind stings a person, that person will feel hot like fire over them, and their temperature will rise above 100°F, above 38°C. So, the feelings will be hot like fire burning all over their body, and fever will shoot up in their bodies, more than 100°F, and boils will develop all over their faces and bodies, especially in the chest area. These are the physical symptoms when this virus stings.

Now doctors and scientists will be baffled and perplexed at not being able to discover at all any medicine or vaccine for this. This morning I read in the news, a scientific report about this coronavirus, that the scientists are still trying to understand the DNA of this virus. And they say, a vaccine will still a long time away. So there is no medicine; there is no vaccine. And by that time they claim that they have found something, this hornet will come to sting. But this time, the doctors and the scientists will not be able to discover any way how this virus works, and they will not be able to discover any medicine or vaccine.

I now remember something I heard the late prophet of God Neville Johnson say something. A few years ago the Lord revealed to him, plagues will appear in the last days, and their mutations will be so different that doctors will not be able to understand how they work. The DNA structure in the virus will mutate itself. And the latest medical scientific report says similar things about the coronavirus. And a worse thing will come next.

The worse… the plague that is going to come, its strain will be similar to the present Covid-19 coronavirus. Perhaps you may have seen pictures of how the virus looks like. This, the virus that’s going to come, its strain will look a little similar to that, but there will be something different. There will be lot of stingers all around that virus strain.

Maybe you have played throwing darts. When people go for some clubs, while their drinks are being made, they’ll take a dart and throw, but if it accidentally falls on your body, that sharp needle will prick you. And it’ll be very painful. This new virus is like that. It’s not just a virus that will stick on into your skin. Like a hornet’s stinger, it will begin to sting all over the body.

I will now describe to you what the Holy Spirit is showing me in a vision now. You know, when a hornet stings you, its stinger is plunged into or stuck into the skin. That releases the poison. In the same manner, when this virus enters into a person’s body, especially flowing in their blood stream, the stingers that are all over the virus strain, it will begin to sting on the blood vessels, and the poison is released into the blood stream. That will cause great amount of fatalities.

My dearly beloved sons and daughters, I hope this is not too much of a scare to you. Or perhaps you may be shaken. But here is the good news. At the time of this plague that will spread all over the world, world leaders and scientists will be at their wits’ end how to deal with the situation. And I tell you a truth now. Many governments of this world have done a very good thing today by shutting down their nations.

In fact, I read in the papers this morning about a statement that the honorable prime minister of India, Mr. Narendra Modi, said like this. He appeared on a radio broadcast, and he very humbly apologized to the nation. I was very surprised to hear such words coming from the prime minister of a country. It takes great humility on the part of the honorable prime minister of India. He said, “People of India, please forgive me.” How many prime ministers will speak like that? He said, “Please forgive me. You may be suffering a lot of hardship and difficulties by this sudden announcement of lockdown.” He said, “Forgive me.” Several times, he kept on saying that.

He said, “I am doing this for your own safety. It doesn’t matter if our economy doesn’t grow and it slows down, but your safety is important to me.” That is the word of a true shepherd.

So many governments are locking down their nations to protect their people from being bitten by this virus. But even when such practices are followed next time, the worse than corona that is coming will not be controllable. Like a lion that goes out to seek its prey, it will go out to seek its prey.

You know the Bible tells us, when the enemies of Israel came against the children of Israel, especially once King Sennacherib of Assyria planned to attack Israel. And King Hezekiah went and cried to God, because Sennacherib made fun and mocked at the Living God. He said, “I have attacked so many nations. All their gods did not save them. Who is your god? How can your god save you from my hands?”

So King Hezekiah was shaken by those words. Like today, even in those previous times, Israel was a small nation. So he cried out to God. “Lord, we have no defense. You are the only protector. Please protect us, Lord.” He cried and prayed unto God for his nation. And God sent His prophet Isaiah to see him. And the prophet brought a word from the Lord. King Sennacherib and his army will not step foot in this nation. In which way they came, they will flee. So the king was encouraged.

And then Sennacherib’s Assyrian army came and surrounded the nation of Israel at their outer border. At night when they were sleeping, the Bible says, God sent His angel of destruction—a mighty, great angel whose head touched the clouds. He swung his sword at the people; 185,000 were dead. In the morning when the king got up, he found 185,000 of his soldiers miraculously, mysteriously dead. How did they die? A plague came in the night, and they all died.

Now how did this happen? A judgment of God. In one night, 185,000 soldiers died. My dearly beloved sons and daughters, and people of God, when the anger of the Lord rises up, when the King arises from His throne, of a truth I tell you, He will put on His battle garments, as it is written in Isaiah 63, He will go forth to execute vengeance. The Lion of the tribe of Judah will go forth after His prey. Before the coming of the Lord Jesus, before the coming of the Kingdom of God in this world, everything that can be shaken will be shaken!

The Holy Scripture says, in Hebrews 12:26, One more time, one more time, one more time, I will shake the heavens and the earth! Everything that can be shaken will be shaken! Therefore, the word of the Lord says one thing: strengthen the things that remain, strengthen the things that remain.

On January 1, 2020, the prophetic message that the Lord gave for this year is “Prepare.” A year is appointed for you to prepare. Now if you look around, the government themselves are giving you paid leave. Everybody is locked down staying at home. In India, it is lockdown for 21 days. And in many other nations, it is about 14–21 days. And it may last longer. All flights have been cancelled. And many schools have been closed. And many governments have issued orders that even places of religious gathering should be avoided or closed.

And up to June, July, they are suggesting not to have large gatherings. But I tell you a truth. Such measures will last till about September. This was shown to me in a heavenly vision. So it will last for about six months. Everything… it will last… and it will be such measures will last till then. So what is this? God is saying to you, “Prepare.” He is giving us a year, appointed a year, for us to prepare. To prepare what?

As it is written in Hebrews 12, strengthen the things that remain. Strengthen your faith, because from 2021 onwards, bad things are going to come. To be very accurate to say to you, I received this word on December 19, 2019, while I was waiting to preach at our monthly fasting prayer meeting. It was while the worship was going on. The word of the Lord came unto me, “Prepare.” [Sadhu Selvaraj repeats the word “Prepare” in Tamil thrice.] Prepare! “Prepare! 2020 is the year of preparation!”

Now this was way before there was any sign of this coronavirus, because the world only heard of this virus on December 31. But the word of the Lord came on December 19, 2019. A year has been appointed for you to prepare for what is going to come from 2021 onwards. Nations have locked down. All families are staying at home, forced to stay at home. This is golden opportunity for families to pray together. God is giving you an appointed time for the entire family to be strengthened in their faith. If you will fail to make use of this season of grace, who knows if you will be able to stand during times of adversity?

The Lord Jesus said in Matthew 24, even the elect will not be able to stand during the time of tribulation. And for their sake, He will shorten the time. So if the elect themselves are not able to withstand, how about ordinary believers? So one more time I lovingly say to you, do not despise this time and season of grace that God has so graciously appointed for you. Let your entire family grow in faith. Let your whole family grow in the Spirit. Let your whole family grow in the full stature of the Lord Jesus Christ. My dearly beloved sons and daughters, let this be your goal for 2020, to grow to the full stature of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Now let’s come back to the plague. At the time when the worse than coronavirus plague sweeps the world, the Lord God said, “My angels will be flying over the five continents, and they will bear in their hands poison-eliminating balm.”

These are very special angels who are appointed to bring the healing balm of God. And you read about them in John 5:2–4. A lot of sick and impotent people are by, around the pool of Bethesda. And at the given time, an angel comes down from heaven, and he will stir the waters. And the first person to jump into the water at the time of stirring is healed. And such angels of healing are called Raphael. We have heard about Gabriel, we have heard about Michael. Now this is another angel called Raphael.

Now where did this word “Raphael” come from? It is derived from the root word “Rophe,” and the word “Rophe” means “The Lord God who heals.” So these angels bear the healing anointing of God, and they will pour that oil of healing upon the afflicted people.

You may recall a parable the Lord Jesus spoke. A Samaritan man was robbed and heavily beaten—a man, he may not be a Samaritan, someone, badly beaten, and many people passed by, not offering any help. Then a Samaritan came. He looked at the man with great love and compassion, and he cleansed his wounds. Then the Lord Jesus said, he took a bottle of balm oil and poured on the wounds. So there is a healing balm. So this angel will bear this poison-eliminating balm in their hands.

What is the purpose for them bearing this and flying over the five continents?
Those who keep the commandments of God, those who fear the Living God, this oil will be poured on them, so that they may escape from this plague.

Now let me show you a good scriptural reference for that. In Exodus 12, God told the prophet Moses, the angel of death is going to walk down the streets of Egypt. Cut a lamb. Ask every family to take the blood of the lamb and put on the doorposts of their house. And they should hide inside the house. And that night the angel of death passed by, and it struck every first-born child and animal with a plague in Egypt, and they all died. But those who were inside the house were protected by the blood of the lamb.

In the same way, this angel will pour this oil of anointing upon those who fear God and who keep His commandments. These are the true remnants, not everyone who simply says, “Lord, Lord.”

Now do you remember about an experience of a Christian woman I shared earlier? I didn’t fully complete her testimony to you. When her name was not found in the Book of Life, she was cast to hell. Now this girl is a born-again believer; she was baptized in the water; she was tongue-talking, Sprit-filled person, but was not walking right before God. She was not walking in the ways of God. She had religion, but no relationship. She was cast into hell. She was dead for two hours. And she was in that hellish experience for two earth hours. She cried and cried and cried with all the pain, with the snakes and the scorpions that were and the worms that were eating and biting her.

Finally, the mercy of God pardoned her and gave her another chance to amend her life. And the Lord told her, “Go back to the earth, and warn everybody that hell is real.”

You know, while I was hearing her testimony, I was shocked to hear a statement she made. When she was growing up, the church where she attended, the pastor kept on saying, “There is no hell. Because God is a good God. He doesn’t send anybody to hell. So there is no hell.” What a false teaching! What a false teaching comes from a so-called pastor!

If the girl who sat under his teaching went to hell, how much more that pastor who teaches such false things! Be warned! Hell is real! Heaven is real! And those who will not walk in the ways of God, those who will not fear the Living God, those who will not keep the commandments of God, the hellfire is waiting. Be warned! Do not take your salvation for granted!

This worse than coronavirus plague that is going to come, in a measure it is comparable to the wrath that will come upon those who will take the mark of the beast. I am going to read a scripture to you. Please take note of Revelation 16:2, “So the first went and poured out his vial upon the earth, and a foul, loathsome sore came upon the men who had the mark of the beast and those who worshiped his image.” Now the word “sore” in the Greek is “Helkose,” and it means “ulcer. And it will be very foul, smelly, painful ulcers that are malignant. Revelation 16:2 talks about the ultimate plague that is coming. But this next plague that is coming will be comparable to that.

Is all this real or just some silly preachers frightening the people? I will give you three biblical precedents for this. Firstly, Exodus 9:9–11. There came a plague of sores upon the Egyptians during the time of the prophet Moses. Secondly, Revelation 11:6 tells us when the Two Witnesses are doing their ministry in this earth, they will strike the earth with as many kinds of plagues as they want. And thirdly, Revelation 14:12, 13, and 15 tells us, a great pandemic plague will sweep the world in the last days.

My dearly beloved sons and daughters, three scriptural precedents: one happened in the past, one is going to happen quite soon, another one in the last days. And the Bible tells us, in the mouth of two or three witnesses, everything shall be established. And the Lord God continued to say, “People of the world, be forewarned! More plagues will come and increase in the days to come.”

The Lord Jesus himself warned us in Matthew 24:7. The last days, there will be plagues. And those plagues will take place all over the world at the same time, as what we are presently seeing. The Lord God says to you, “People of the world, be forewarned.”

But God tells you five things what you should do to protect yourselves. The Bible tells us, we are not appointed unto the wrath of God. Who are the “we”? Those who fear God and who keep the commandments of God. So what is the five counsels that the Lord gives us?

Number 1. Blessed is the person who seeks the Lord God before the wrath of God manifests. Amos 5:4. This is what I explained earlier. Prepare. During this appointed time of being hidden, seek the Lord, seek Him, the whole family seeking God, and build an altar of God.

Secondly, blessed is he who seeks the Lord God who made the heaven and the earth. Now this second word is directed at all the unbelievers. Seek the true living God who made the heavens and the earth, not the god of wood, stones, and hay, not the god who’s made with human hands, but seek Him who made the heavens and the earth. If you do, you will be protected from this wrath.

Thirdly, blessed are the people, who find refuge in the Lord God. Deuteronomy 33:7; Psalm 9:9, 46:1. Psalm 91:1 says, he who abides in the shadow of the Almighty God, he will be protected by the grace. So we should run into the presence of the Almighty God. So seek where He is. Where is the place of His refuge? Run and hide there. It is not in this city or in that city. Where is it then?

In Luke 17:21, the Lord Jesus said, “The Kingdom of God is within you”; 1 Corinthians 3:16 says, 6:16 says, “You are the temple of God.” So, if you are the temple of God, according to Ephesians 2:20–22, you must make way for the glory of God to come and reside inside you.

Let’s suppose there are four members in your family. Each one of you is a temple of God. And when the four of you come together, all of you, all the four of you are lively stones fit together for the temple of God to be made in the midst of you. And the Lord God will be in the midst of you. When He is in the midst of you, which plague can come? Which plague can come? Nothing can come! Because, He, the Lord God, like a pillar of fire in the midst of you will keep you from all evil.

In Psalm 91 it is written, “Even the plague of terror that flies in the night will not come near you.” Nothing!—if the Lord God is in the midst of you. The counsel of the Lord comes to you, right now, my dearly beloved brothers and sisters, sons and daughters: “Build up the presence of God in your midst. Invite me in your midst that I may come in your midst and sup with you, for I desire to be in the midst of My people. Behold, I bear in My arms, My flesh and My blood, as I came forth as Melchizedek to give him the bread and the wine. Behold, I stand and knock on the door. If you will hear My voice and open the door, I will come in and be in your midst and feed you with My flesh and give you My blood to drink; even your little newborn baby will not be harmed.”

Thank you, wonderful Lord Jesus. I am telling you what I am seeing right now.
The Lord Jesus comes into a family. And He sees a newborn baby on the lap of the mother. And then the mother carries the baby on the right shoulder. And the baby looks at the face of the Lord Jesus. There’s so much of amazement and wonderment on the face of the baby looking at the glory face of the Lord Jesus. And the Lord dips His finger in the blood, a small drop, on the lips of the baby. He said in His word, “For such is the Kingdom of God.”

Let us lift up our holy hands to give glory and thanks to the Living God. How good He is! How wonderful He is! He cares for you more than you care for yourselves. Fear not, O you little flock! Fear not! The Lord God in the midst of you will keep you away from all your enemies, will save you from your enemies, the destroyers. No evil plague will come within the borders of your house! Blessed is the man who makes the Lord his God.

[For about five minutes, Sadhu Selvaraj praises and worships the Lord.]

Oh how good and wonderful the Lord our God is. Even as we were worshiping Him, I see the angel of the Lord with uplifted wings standing all around each member in your family. One more time I say unto you, fear not, O ye of little faith. [Sadhu Selvaraj appears to repeat the same words in Tamil.]

O ye little flock, fear not, for the Lord your God will be in the midst of you. The Lord God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob will be in your midst. [Sadhu Selvaraj asks his audience to be seated.]

Do you know why God is called the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob? There is one thing common among these three saints. They constantly set up an altar for God. And whenever they call upon the name of God, they set up an altar for God. And when they have an encounter with God, they set up an altar unto God. That is why God feels yoked with them. So therefore, He identifies with them, the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, the God of Jacob.

My dearly beloved brothers and sisters, sons and daughters, when you set up an altar in your house, then the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, Lord God Jesus Christ, will be enthroned in the midst of you. Amen!

And the fourth blessing and counsel the Lord gives you: the Lord God alone has healing medicine for these plagues that will come. Nothing else can protect us. Masks may be good, but it cannot protect you. You know, you are not wearing masks all the time. When you are eating, you remove the mask. Then what if at that time, the virus gets in? [Sadhu Selvaraj laughs.]

So what protection is there? Only the Lord God has healing medicine. I want to read one scripture for you right now, Revelation 22:2—“In the middle of the street, and on either side of the river, was the tree of life, which bore twelve fruits, each tree yielding its fruit every month. The leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations.”

Do you know? Before the invention of modern medicine, all the leaves and the roots that have… some plants have medicinal properties. And they will squeeze the juice from those leaves and use it as medicine. Now we read here in Revelation 22:2, that the leaves that are found on the tree of life, they are healing leaves.

Earlier on I told you, God revealed to us, that the angels will bear poison-eliminating balm in their hand. Where did that balm come from? From these leaves. They take these leaves and squeeze them, and the juice that comes from the leaves, that is the healing balm. That is what they will bring for you. And only God has that healing medicine.

Final blessing, final counsel, the fifth counsel is the blood of the Son of God is that medicine. Nothing else. Isaiah 53:5 says, by His stripes, we are healed. The Lord Jesus Christ was whipped 39 times. The flesh that was torn from His body, and the blood that came from His body, that blood is the medicine. That blood is the healing. So every day, when you take the Communion of the Lord [Sadhu Selvaraj says that later on they are going to take the Holy Communion and hopes that his audience have prepared the Holy Communion], you know, the Bible tells us, in 1 Corinthians 11, or even the Lord Jesus Himself said, in the Gospels, as often as you remember My death, partake this. So how often should you remember His death? The apostle Paul said, “I die daily.” So, which means, you remember His death every day!

So when you come together as a family, when you set up the altar in your family, at the end of your times of worship, prayer, and seeking the Lord, then take the Lord’s flesh and His blood. Like I told you earlier, He Himself will come and give His own flesh, His own blood, to you. Do you believe this with all your heart? The Bible tells us, “The righteous shall live by faith.”

Whatever we do, we must do by faith, believing that He who spoke, these words are true. And the Bible says, all His words are yea and amen. And only the Lord God is true. So believe this with all your heart. And you shall live and prosper.

So when this message was given to me, I kept it faithfully, waiting for the right time to share this message. Earlier on I told you that on March 14, 2020, we had conducted the ground-breaking ceremony and stone-laying for our future building. And after this service, we will show you some clips about that. And many of our dear minister friends came from many different parts of the world. And one of them is our good friend, my very dear, best friend, Pastor Joseph Sweet from Lancaster, California.

And I shared this message with him that a worse than coronavirus was coming next. He was shaken. Then a little while later, he showed me a prophecy that an American prophet of God had prophesied in the year 2012. And that prophecy confirmed this word of revelation that I received from the Lord. There lived a wonderful man of God in the US called John Paul Jackson. We once ministered together in the state of Alabama in the US. He was much older than me. But I saw in him a great respect he had for others. That is the true sign of sainthood and maturity in the things of God. They walk in love. They don’t gossip, backbite, or murmur, or criticize others. And in honor, they prefer one another better than themselves. These are the fruit of sainthood, not just the external display of the gifts of the Spirit. So in 2012, he received this prophecy from God. This is what he says, “The Lord told me there would be a pandemic that came.” Now this is in 2012. Only now the World Health Organization calls coronavirus a pandemic. From 2012 till now, there has been no plagues anywhere in the world. You may think now that the statement that I made is incorrect, because there were plagues in Africa.

You are absolutely right, and neither am I wrong. Because pandemic is something worldwide. A plague is just in one region. Why the World Health Organization did not call the coronavirus a pandemic? Because it was first contained only within China. Even when it spread in some places in Asia, World Health Organization still called it a plague. But when it spread worldwide, then only they label it a pandemic.

So the Lord God told the prophet John Paul Jackson in 2012, the Lord told me, “There would be a pandemic that came, but the first one would prove to be little but fear.” Isn’t that what is happening now? Look at everywhere. People are more fearful than the very virus itself, but the second one that comes would be serious. So here God revealed to him of two pandemics that were coming. And the second one would be more serious than the first.

Pastor Joseph Sweet sent me this prophecy and said, this is a confirmation to the word that you received from the Lord that a worse than coronavirus is coming. So what’s all this showing us? I want you to read some scriptures now. Please turn your Bibles to Habakkuk 3:3–6,

“God came from Teman, the Holy One from Mount Paran. Selah. His glory covered the heavens, and the earth was full of His praise. His brightness was like the light; He had rays flashing from His hand, and there His power was hidden.”

Please note verse 5. “Before Him went pestilence, and fever followed at His feet.” Now I am reading from the New King James version Bible. It says, “Before Him went pestilence, and fever followed at His feet.”

Now what is the initial sign of this coronavirus? The symptoms are fever, high fever. And the next, worse one that is coming, is also high fever. So what does this show? God is walking the land. He is walking the land. Because the lion has lifted up and going after its prey. There is a scripture in Psalms that says like this, “Let the Lord arise and His enemies be scattered”—all the enemies of the cross, all the enemies against the commandments of God, they will be scattered.

And verse 6 [Habakkuk 3] says, “He stood and measured the earth. He looked and startled the nations, and the everlasting mountains were scattered, the perpetual hills bowed. His ways are everlasting.”

So what does this show? The Kingdom of God is coming. The Kingdom of God is coming. All things will be shaken in the heavens and the earth. So what must we do? Only one thing. Turn your Bible to Revelation 14, and read verse[s] 6 and 7.

Then I saw another angel flying in the midst of heaven having the everlasting gospel to preach to those who dwell on the earth, to every nation, tribe, tongue, and people, saying with a loud voice, “Fear God, and give glory to Him, for the hour of His judgment has come and worship Him who made the heaven and the earth, the sea and the springs of water.”

Therefore, what should we do? Fear God! Fear the true Living God! Not the god made with hands, but the true Living God.

My dearly beloved brothers and sisters, sons and daughters, the time has now come that all should fear the true Living God, the true Creator, not worship the creation, not worshiping the hosts of heaven. No, worship the Maker, the true Living God. And who is the true Living God?

We’ll read one last scripture. Turn your Bibles with me to 1 John 5: 20. That was the very voice that I heard when the Lord came to meet me when He showed Himself that He is the true Living God. On June 1, 1978, I heard the voice of God saying…What voice? What sound? Let’s read 1 John 5:20. “And we know that the Son of God is come and hath given us an understanding, that we may know Him that is true, and we are in Him that is true, even in His Son Jesus Christ. This is the true God and eternal life.” That is the voice I heard. “This is the true Living God! Go, and follow Him!” And that’s what this scripture says.

This Jesus Christ is the true Living God. Eternal life is only found in Him, not in anything else.

New Video in Lancaster Prophetic Conference Confirming what he said before