Why Pride is also False Humility

Pride originated inside of Satan. How it originated in him when he dwelt in a place of absolute holiness and love is a mystery. Like created humans, angels also have a free will, or moral choice, and they can use their moral choice like us to choose to do right or to choose to do wrong (Jude 6). So the archangel, Lucifer, exercised his right to choose to conceive pride within himself. Pride originated in him and pride deceived Lucifer himself (Ezek 28:2). The Bible tells us very clearly that pride will deceive our heart (Jer 49:16; Obad 3).

Pride deceives because it creates false humility. Outwardly it may give the impression that you are humble, but inwardly you are in ated with pride. You may not know it unless and until the all- seeing eyes of God illuminate it. Pride can come in many forms.

Let me give you one simple way to recognize whether there is pride in your life or not. If you are ever offended or hurt that means there is pride in your life. Even if it is a tiny amount, the size of an ant, it can destroy you. Why do we feel offended or hurt? Is it not because we are conscious of our reputation being injured?

To be clothed with humility you must cast down that good- for-nothing reputation of yours and put it under your feet. It cannot save you and neither can it bring your name up to heaven. Your name – your reputation – remains behind on earth on a tombstone. All the wealth of this world cannot be brought to heaven. If, while you are alive, you have the opportunity to do good and you refuse to do it, when you die, what good will your money be? (Jas 4:17). If we can be absolutely sincere and honest, just bow down and look into your heart and you will see so much pride there.

Pride is the root cause of strife, contention, division, murmuring, backbiting and an independent attitude. Why do we want to talk about somebody else? Because there is pride in us. We want to gossip, backbite, and create strife. This is a serious disease in the larger body of Christ. If you walk around with the attitude that your pastor does not recognize your talents or that your church leadership does not realize your potential, then you are wanting recognition. What is recognition? Recognition, is an outward manifestation of inner pride.

When you are truly clothed with humility, you don’t even recognize your own existence. The “I” is no longer there. The self is extinguished.

Recently, I met with a prophet of God who lives in South India. During our conversation, he told me of a recent visitation that he had from two angelic beings from heaven. They told him that pride in the eyes of God is the greatest of all sins. God is merciful and gracious to forgive the sins of our weak esh, even when we continue to make the same wrong choices. But the sin of pride is something He cannot tolerate.

The legendary man of God, Sadhu Sundar Singh, met a very godly saint living in one of the caves in Mount Kailash, Tibet. This saint is believed to be about 400 years old. The Sadhu asked the saint what his name was. The saint replied thus: “When I was like an ordinary man of the world I had an earthly name. But since I am not quite the same as an ordinary man any more now, my name is CHRISTIAN.”

“The word SIN described the unregenerate state of my sinful nature,” the saint continued. “But now, after being given eternal life by the Lord, the self has been removed from my nature. Instead of the letter “I” as found in the word for SIN, the letter ‘O’ has been substituted. It signifies that an illimitable Being has come in me. The letter ‘O’, if you will observe, has neither beginning nor ending. Now, instead of SIN, which was my past state, the SON — the Lord Jesus who is the same yesterday, today and forever — now dwells in me. And now, by the Lord’s grace, I am dead to sin and alive in Christ Jesus.”

This very unassuming answer from the saint took the Sadhu by surprise. Such an attitude of meekness and utter humility indeed is the hallmark of true godliness.

When you bring a wax candle close to a source of re, the wax begins to melt into liquid. The solid candle has a form and image, but the liquid wax has neither form nor image. The closer one gets to God, the more one’s identity becomes one with the Creator. It is of this mystery that the apostle Paul wrote: “I have been cruci ed with Christ; it is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me; and the life which I now live in the esh I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave Himself for me” (Gal 2:20).

The Bride’s walk is a walk of humility. God dwells with the humble and meek people (Isa 57:15). The proud will be abased (Matt 23:12; Lk 14:11). Those who humble themselves shall be exalted because when the humble are exalted they will not even realize that they have been exalted. They can be trusted with God’s glory. Can God really trust you?

God loves and desires humility in us (Mic 6:8). Humility is one of the good things He has already shown you. None of us can say I did not know. He has already shown us. Every victory you have over pride in your life and every moment of pride that you overcome in your life increases the presence of God in your life.

Why was the Lord Jesus able to be lled with the Holy Spirit beyond measure? (Jn 3:34). Simply because the Lord Jesus Christ was totally dead to the “I”. The very fact that He came to this earth quali ed Him to receive the Spirit without measure because He put on humility.

The Bride of Jesus Christ must walk in humility like the Bridegroom. If two cannot agree, how can they walk together? If you claim to be the Bride who is waiting for the rapture – to be united with the Bridegroom – with great love I warn you that unless you become converted and humble yourself as a little child, you will never enter into the kingdom of heaven (Matt 18:4).