(WATCH) Stand Up comedian collapsed on stage after making joke that mocked Jesus Christ

(OPINION) “I don’t mean to brag” Mcdonald told the crowd at the Tempe Improv. “I don’t care but I want you to know – double vaxxed, booster, flu shot, and I’m going to be honest I have the shingle shot too.”

She then boasted that she still gets her monthly cycle. Continuing her list of ‘accomplishments’, McDonald went on to say: “traveled, went to Mexico twice, did shows, meet and greets – never got covid. the celebrity comedian then brags about an exceptionalism provided by Jesus saying:

“clearly, Jesus loves me the most, seriously.” She then immediately collapsed on the stage as the crowd burst out in laughter assuming it was all part of her act. Mcdonald suffered a skull fracture during the fall according to her manager.

According to eyewitnesses who spoke to TMZ, she collapsed after just delivering her line and hit her head on the floor. Many assumed it was all part of her act at first, but the audience quickly realized something was wrong. An onlooker who was an EMT nurse rushed up to the stage to help. McDonald was taken to the hospital and treated by paramedics.