Volcano erupts following 4.2 earthquake in Italy amid coronavirus lockdown

As if the people of Italy doesn’t have enough to contend with now, Italy’s Stromboli Volcano has erupted spewing lava and ash, amid a 4.2 magnitude earthquake that also rocked Calabria in the midst of the country continuing its coronavirus lockdown.

According to reports, Footage of the volcano eruption emerged on Twitter shortly after midnight there. The Videos appear to show an orange glow rising out of the volcano, as thick smoke billows into the night sky. On twitter, One person wrote: “Not to say, but Stromboli continues to cough and came out again a few minutes ago.”

Anna Zanin expressed her shock at hearing about the natural disasters occurring.  She added: “Last email I wrote to a colleague five hours ago ended with the words #StayPositive because we’re fighting hard #covid19italy here and all around.  “Just woke up and discovering that there’s an #earthquake in #Calabria + #stromboli going on.