Violent Storms Drop Huge and Destructive Hailstones on Oklahoma and Missouri

Tennis ball sized hail caused major damage to cars last night in Oklahoma and Missouri.

Large to even giant hail is possible again today, particularly in Illinois, Iowa, and Indiana. Tornadoes too.

Everything started with severe thunderstorms along the I-70 corridor late Thursday into early Friday morning. Here some videos from Oklahoma:

As shown above, large hail was the issue along with lightning.

Missouri hailstorm March 27, 2020. KRCG TV

Then, strong thunderstorms moved through parts of Mid-Missouri Friday evening, bring gusty winds and large hail to several areas.

Very impressive isn’t it?

Some people reported seeing hails as big as baseballs as well as damage to homes and cars.

Some even filmed how the hail destroyed their car windows.

On Friday, severe thunderstorms developed along the I-44 corridor, then moved east into Farmington and Fredricktown, Missouri.

Frequent cloud-to-ground lightning with large hail again was the big issue as the storms pushed through.

There have not been any reports of tornadoes Friday. But the storms will continue on Saturday. Showers in the morning will give way to another chance for a few severe thunderstorms mainly east of US 54 during the afternoon.

Saturday afternoons storms could produce large hail, damaging winds. Moreover, the environment is ripe for tornadoes Saturday, mainly southeast of a low that is expected to move into Eastern Iowa.

Just southeast of the low pressure in west central Illinois is where the best chance for tornadoes will be. More pictures here:

Missouri hailstorm March 27, 2020 VK
Missouri hailstorm March 27, 2020 VK

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