Vicious Storm Triggers Sea Foam Apocalypse in Cape Town and Rare Snow Across South Africa

South Africa has been powdered with snow and lashed by gale force winds over the weekend…

And now Cape Town’s streets are clogged with vast plumes of sea foam. Apocalyptic videos!

Amid storm surges and ocean swells, Capetonians were confronted by the vast carpet of sea foam that was washed ashore on Monday morning, as seen in eyewitness video from the scene.

Yes, giant waves and lots of sea foam in Three Anchor Bay:

Look at the trees in the next video and the foam in inundating the coastal road:

In recent days, the South African Weather Service (SAWS) has warned about the impending bad weather stemming from an emerging cold front, but no one could have prepared for the sheer volume of foam that swept ashore.

So much fun but probably dangerous too:

The ocean is getting rough. Sea foam in Sea Point this morning. Large waves and storm surge possible today, SAWS tweeted on Monday.

It warned of high seas of between six and 13 meters, and gale force winds of up to 100km/h in certain coastal areas, with reports of vehicles being blown over.

In Strand, at Nomzamo High School, temporary classroom structures were seen completely destroyed by the strong winds. Prefabricated buildings were lifted by the squalls and turned upside-down, including an ablution facility.

The strong storm uprooted trees, blocking more than 19 roads as of Monday morning.

Meanwhile, the same intense cold front that hit South Africa created the perfect winter wonderland thanks to widespread snowfall in the Eastern Cape, Lesotho and areas across the Western Cape.

Many saw snow for their first time… “This is breathtaking,” said TEFL teacher Donito Adonis who got to hold snow for the first time. “I never thought I’d see snow like this in South Africa,” he told News24.