United Kingdom calls for 250,000 volunteers as virus deaths surge

While the death toll and despair of Italy has captured the attention of many in the World, The number of coronavirus deaths in Britain has jumped on Tuesday, the first day of a national lockdown, and now the government has called for 250,000 volunteers to help combat the outbreak. A temporary hospital is also set to open in London next week.

According to Reuters, In a TV message on Monday evening viewed by more than 27 million people, Prime Minister Boris Johnson ordered people to stay at home and told nearly all shops to close and banned social gatherings including weddings and baptisms.

Despite this, public transport in London stayed busy during the morning rush hour and the streets were far from deserted amid confusion over the government’s advice to workers. According to a recent report from the country, The death toll from coronavirus in the United Kingdom has jumped by 87 to a total of 422 – the biggest daily increase since the crisis began.