Turkey Earthquake: Rivers of Blood Flowing After Devastating Earthquake

Debate rages online about the possible cause of a bloody discharge bubbling up from cracks in the ground after the devastating January 24 earthquake.

The 6.8 magnitude earthquake in Turkey last month created a bizarre and unsettling phenomenon.

The Earth seemed to ‘bleed’ as it was torn apart by seismic forces – an event captured on video by someone who clearly didn’t see the supernatural sight as a sign to run for the hills.

The earthquake occurred at a depth of about 9 miles and centred near the district of Sivrice in Turkey’s eastern Elazig province.

Soon after the initial quake, the province was shaken further by a series aftershocks ranging from between a magnitude 5.4 to 3.3.

The exact cause of the ‘blood’ bubbling up from the ground is unconfirmed.

The ‘blood’ flowed into a nearby pond (Image: Youtube)

Some commenters on Reddit believe that it could be dye that’s been introduced into the water supply to help detect leaks – although that explanation has been challenged by others who say it’s illogical that blood-red dye would be used when a bright green or yellow would be the more logical choice.

The explanations included red clay from beneath the surface being mixed with a water source and a mishap at the local abattoir.

One creative type mused: “I think the explanation that the landmass that comprises Turkey is…a thin dirt covering, beneath which slumbers an ancient beast, is a much more logical explanation.”

The mystery flow remains unexplained (Image: Youtube)

Delving that little bit further into the supernatural, more than one person pointed out that the 16th chapter of the Book of Revelation which counts down the stages of the end of the world, predicts: “Then the third angel poured out his bowl on the rivers and springs of water, and they became blood.”

On a more optimistic note, someone else speculated that Turkey might just be floating on a lake of wine.