Thousands of Sparrows Blocking the Way to a Village in China (Video)

Thousands of sparrows blocking the way at a village at Sanmiaoqian town in Shangrao City, Jiangxi Province in China.

Many weird things are happening. Signs that we are living in the last days!

There really are a lot of these videos recently. Does someone have an idea of the causes?

Here some Netizens’ answers:

Drastic changes in food supply?

Theyre getting five jeed.

weapons testing in the area?

I’ve always believed in the sensitivity of all animals – knowing what is just about to happen and their sudden or sustained reaction. They ‘know’ something.

Looks they are afraid of air pollution level.

winter->spring migration rest stop. very common. Bigger birds like larger bodies of water but those have predators also.

More than likely water spilled out on roadway.

Not the sparrows, but I see the 7 bowls of wrath being pour out right now that it talks about in Revelation! Swarms of locusts, water turning blood red!

Beginning to look like biblical plagues; its called the Apocalypse

You are witnessing the beginning of the end of Matthew 24:7 ! Better prepare yourselves for Tribulation.

When sparrows aren’t being killed they also eat locusts.

Now what do you think is going on in this video? Meanwhile birds keep falling from the sky around the world. More weird news on Strange Sounds. [Twitter]