The sky is attacking Australia! Crazy hailstorms hit Melbourne!

Melbourne was hit by hail as a thunderstorm struck the capital of Victoria on Monday afternoon.

By mid-afternoon, the clear, clear sky turned into dark clouds, heavy rains, and heavy showers of small hail, and parts of the city appeared to be covered with snow.

Severe weather warnings have been issued for wind damage across Victoria’s coastline and highlands, with strong gusts expected on Mondays in the Grampians and then on Tuesday nights and early in the Eastern Mountains.

Meanwhile, cold fronts moving to western Victoria are experiencing rain and thunderstorms throughout the state.

A particularly strong storm passed through Melbourne in the afternoon, with a slight hail and gust of approximately 80 km / h.

The weather in Melbourne was “quite exciting for most people,” said Christy Johnson, a weather forecaster at the Bureau of Meteorology.

“These showers can be turned on and off, and there are quite a few hits and mistakes,” she told NCA NewsWire.

“Today I’ve seen people taking a shower in the front yard instead of the back yard. I could see it lasting for the rest of the day.”

“At this stage, no serious and heavy thunderstorms are expected. We may blow off a 90km / h gust, but any storm at this stage looks as bad as they need it. not. [weather] warning.

“But that’s not impossible, and we’re watching over it.”