The Real Truth Behind God’s Coming Judgment

What is the most dangerous segment of our society today? What could cause God to send judgment on our nation? Pastor Todd Smith of Christ Fellowship Church in Dawsonville, Georgia, and the North Georgia Revival has an answer, and it may not be the one you expect.

On the Kingdom Ready podcast on the Charisma Podcast Network, Smith says, “The most dangerous segment to our society is not the abortion industry, as violent and as hideous as that is… The most dangerous component to our way of life is not racism. As repulsive as that is, as detrimental as that is, racism is not going to be the thing that brings our nation down.

Corruption in government, lack of prayer in schools or the removal of The Ten Commandments from our public building—as demoralizing as that was and as incomprehensible as that was, these things are not the most dangerous segment in our society. “I don’t even think that the human trafficking epidemic that we’re experiencing not only here in America, but literally all over the world is not what’s going to bring this nation under judgment,” Smith adds.

“Now again, as horrific as that is that alone, I don’t think will bring judgment to the nation. It won’t even be the aggressive LGBT agenda, once again, as big an abomination as it is now. “God is not overlooking those things. God’s not bypassing those things,” Smith says.

“But I do not believe that those issues, movements, segments of our society—I do not believe that those things alone are going to bring judgment to this nation. This is basically sinners doing what sinners do. And Jesus came to save sinners.” READ MORE