Terrifying Demonic Face Appears in the Smoke of Victoria Inferno

This picture was taken in the Gippsland fires near Sarsfield. The demonic apparition in right hand corner of the blaze can’t be unseen.

Craig Calvert, an Australian dairy farmer, was fighting to save his property from the bushfires in the Gippsland fires near Sarsfield, when he snapped a spooky picture, showing a demonic face floating in the smoke.

I’m not really into hokey pokey spooky stuff, but there’s really a big devil face right in the fire.

Calvert said the fire hit them five times and they spent 13 hours saving their home. But the farmer indicated that the fire is coming back and there will be a terrible ‘last’ fight on Saturday.

The demon face appearing in the smoke may be a pure product of pareidolia.

But similar to the burned baby kangaroo stuck in wires, the spooky apparition becomes a haunting symbol for the disastrous and deadly Australian fires.