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3,000 people in 3 coastal towns locked down in La Palma after new lava flow crashes into ocean forming new delta

Authorities on the Spanish island of La Palma ordered 3,000 residents of three coastal towns (​​Tazacorte, San Borondón, El Cardónto) stay indoors on Monday after a new stream of lava crashed into the ocean, sending thick clouds of potentially toxic gases high into the sky. Imágenes de la entrada de la lava al mar a […] Read More

La Palma update: Main cone collapses again releasing high quantity of lava and ash – Extremely bad air quality – Each tremor can break open another flow

After a 4.9 earthquake on Sunday afternoon, part of the la Palma volcano’s main cone collapsed. Lava has started to overflow from a secondary opening. Keeping an eye on La Palma. Earlier, after a 4.9 earthquake, part of the volcano's main cone collapsed on the island. Lava has started to overflow from a secondary opening. […] Read More

Another 116 earthquakes hit southern part of La Palma in 48 hours – That’s more that 230 in 4 days! Subsidence detected! Get prepared for the tsunami! Sulfur dioxide cloud reaches Venezuela

The seismic activity continues in the south of La Palma. In the last 24 hours, more than 116 earthquakes have been recorded by IGN. The current swarm has started 4 days ago, when another 115 rattled the same area within 24 hours. Seismic activity 4-5 October 75 earthquakes have been located in the southern part of […] Read More