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Pfizer will seek approval for getting children from 6 months to 5 years old vaccinated in November

Pfizer‘s Covid vaccine could be rolled out to babies as young as six months in the US this winter, under plans being drawn up by the pharmaceutical giant. In a move likely to cause international controversy, the company intends to apply for authorisation to immunise American infants within the next two months. The timeline will […] Read More

WHO adds new COVID variant — ‘Mu’ — to its watchlist, and warns that it could evade vaccines

The World Health Organization is monitoring a new coronavirus variant called “mu,” which the agency says is now labeled a “variant of interest.” What does that mean? There are three so-called categories of variants being monitored by global and U.S. health officials, but not all variants rise to the level of such classification. Variants are categorized as […] Read More

Israeli Expert Reveals Long-Term Effects of Pfizer COVID Vaccine

While the American Food and Drug Administration says it is not certain of long-term effects of the new Pfizer coronavirus vaccine, an Israeli medical official claims he believes “there is no true reasons to think” there would be, The Jerusalem Post has reported. Tal Brosh, head of the Infectious Disease Unit at Samson Assuta Ashdod University Hospital, […] Read More