Superbolide changes night into day over Brazil (video)

A superbolide was recorded flying over the states of Rio Grande do Sul and Santa Catarina, Brazil on October 1, 2020.

The official video by BRAMON is just spectacular:


Preliminary analyses show that the very bright fireball began to shine at about 89.5 km over the rural area to the east of Caxias do Sul and travelled north, at 16.9 km/s (60,900 km/h) at an entrance angle of 44° to the ground

The bight meteor disintegrated during 6 seconds, easily overcoming the full moon’s brightness and finally exploded at an altitude of 22 km over the city of Vacaria, also in Rio Grande do Sul state.

Trajectory map of the superbolide over Brazil on October 1, 2020. Picture via BRAMON

A superbolide is a super luminous meteor that shines brighter than the full moon. In this case, the space rock was so luminous that it turned the night into day in numerous areas, even turning off streetlights in some cities.