Stuck at home, Jerusalem neighbors join in balcony Sing-a-long

Using amplifiers and the classic Ehud Manor song ‘Bashana Haba’a,’ a neighborhood joins together during coronavirus outbreak.

It was a spontaneous singalong from the balconies of a Jerusalem block on Sunday evening, as musician Ran Yehoshua led his neighbors in a round of “Bashana Haba’a” (Next Year), the classic Israeli song of hope amid crisis.

Bashana haba’a, neshev al hamirpeset venispor tziporim nodedot.

Next year we will sit on the balcony and count all the migrating birds 

Yeladim, bekhoufsha, yesakhakhu tofeset beyn habayit, oulebeyn hasadot.

Children on vacation will play catch between the house and the fields 

Od tire, od tire, kama tov yihye, bashana, bashana haba’a

You will see, you will see, how good it will be

next year

Yehoshua had his guitar in hand and amplifier plugged in, and brought his neighbors out to their balconies on their cul de sac in the neighborhood of San Simon.

His street, Ben Tabai, is ringed by apartment buildings, many with balconies overlooking the street.

But it was the 1970 song that formed the focus of the event. Lyricist Ehud Manor reportedly didn’t tell Nurit Hirsch, who wrote the music, at first that it was written for his younger brother, Yehuda Viner, who was killed in 1968 in battle. Hirsch therefore composed an upbeat melody for this now classic song.

With its references to the classic Israeli balconies, and the desire to sit, relax and share time with loved ones, and with hopes for better times, it was the perfect tune for this period of quarantine amid the coronavirus crisis.