Strange Portal to Another Dimension Opens in Front of Skiers

This is just amazing!

In the mountains in Krasnaya Polyana, skiers and snowboarders witnessed a rare atmospheric phenomenon, when light columns suddenly flashed in the air, before mysteriously shimmering.

Yep, they were riding and skying and suddenly a giant portal to another dimension, surrounded by thousands of crystals, opened up in front of them.

What a beauty! They fly in the air, sparkle, and technology cannot return even half of this magic:

So what’s going on in this video?

Officials say it is an optical phenomenon called light pillar, which are vertical shafts of light that extend either upward or downward a source of bright light, such as the sun, the moon and even street lights.

This atmospheric phenomenon is normally seen when it’s really cold outside and is created when the sun rays are reflected by many ice crystals.

But such a perfectly defined sun pillar is extremely rare and to see it is a miracle.

And I prefer looking at the magic behind every sky phenomenon. For me this incredible light pillar is an amazing portal to another dimension.