Statue of Rio’s Christ the Sunset Sky Off San Francisco like the Statue of Christ in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil(Videos)

No! This is not the statue of Christ the Redeemer of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

It’s just the Farallon Islands lighthouse in San Francisco, after a Fata Morgana decided to reconstruct it.

Just two days ago, the statue of Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil appeared off San Francisco at sunset.

It was a mirage!

The weird distorted shape of Christ the Redeemer was in fact the Farallon Islands lighthouse west of San Francisco, which was shape-shifted by the Fata Morgana.

Yes, the mirage turned a California lighthouse into a Brazilian statue that kept changing all the time:

Then, a second sun exploded like an atomic bomb in the same atmospheric duct. In the video below our star even turns rectangular at one point:

What is a Fata Morgana?

Fata Morgana is a weird sunset mirage phenomenon produced by strong temperature inversions.

When light passes through a layer of unusually cold air hanging just above the sea surface, shapes get distorted and stretched in fantastical ways.

They may cause alien ships to float in midairtsunami waves on beaches, and even cities and kingdoms to appear in the skies. More strange atmospheric phenomena and fata morgana news on Strange Sounds. [Space WeatherMila Zinkova]