Sky Turns Blood Red as Disastrous Bushfires Devastate NSW, Australia

Photos and videos coming out of Mallacoota on Tuesday morning showed the sky had turned a dark, glowing red as out-of-control bushfires moved in on the small town in the East Gippsland region of Victoria. Approximately 4,000 people sought shelter from the fires along the waterfront.

Australia is being ravaged by hundreds of bush fires since more than a month and Mother Nature doesn’t seem to want to take a rest.

Those pictures were taken on December 30, 2019 from the train bridge in Bairnsdale tonight. Just apocalyptic!

And yesterday was a terrifying day for the Victorian holiday town of Mallacoota, where thousands of people had gathered on the beach and were preparing to enter the water to avoid an approaching bushfire, turning the sky blood red:

Here another eerie scene at Bega as fires continue to burn at Emergency level to the west and north.

Yes, we thought we’d seen the worst of the NSW bushfire crisis. But yesterday it hit a dangerous and frightening new level. Two men are dead, another is missing, and dozens of homes have been lost right along the eastern coastline.

This second video shows the exact moment when the truck from the Fire and Rescue NSW Station 509 Wyoming was overrun by the bushfire burning South of Nowra at 3pm yesterday. The crew – now ok – was forced to shelter in their truck as the fire front passed through.

An image from above show that the smoke from the NSW bush fires has already reached New Zealand’s South Island in less than 36 hours. Some of the smoke from the pyro-convective thunderstorms has even reached the troposphere.