Sea Foam Apocalypse in Sanchez Magallanes, Mexico

A sea of foam from the Gulf of Mexico has engulfed the streets of Sánchez Magallanes, Mexico without the authorities having an explanation. The Tabasco Civil Protection Institute (IPCET) is now investigating the origin of this weird substance.

According to residents, the foam build up a huge wall of more than 2 meters.

People had to evacuate their homes.

Shocked residents living in the port of Sánchez Magallanes have never witnessed a foam event of this magnitude, although used to really bad weather conditions.

Only foam, sea foam in Sánchez Magallanes, Tabasco, Mexico

A cold front and its strong winds are responsible for the foam apocalypse. The first gusts swept across the city at around 3:45 a.m. Evacuations started an hour later.

The Gulf of Mexico is out of control and covered in foam.

The sea foam affected only homes and streets along the coast. As the storm started to fade away, the foam started disappearing too.

The sea foam wall was up to 2 meters high.

Schools have been closed as well as many businesses. It was a bad storm. Always be prepared!