Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj: Antichrist political headquarters will be in Berlin

Speaking at The Gathering Church in Moravian Falls, NC, prophet Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj shared insights into the future role of the antichrist.

In the 7-minute video shown below, Sundar shares a story about an unwanted layover he endured in Frankfort Germany in 2015, forcing him to spend the night there. An angel said to him, “There is a reason why your flight was delayed because God wants you to put your feet in this land because you have an assignment to do in this land.”

Sundar explained, “Then the Lord spoke to me to go to Berlin and do a prophetic conference there because the antichrist is going to rise up there. Berlin is going to be his political headquarters. There are going to be three places on this earth. He will have political headquarters, a religious headquarters, and an economic headquarters. One such place is Berlin.”

As he was pondering that and wondering if these words were from God, the angel gave him a sign, Germany would win the World Cup in soccer. That was one week before the final match was played. Germany was given little chance of winning, but they did.

I find Sundar’s insights interesting because the three roles he identified confirms what Terry Bennett was shown, political, religious, and economic. The angel Gabriel told him when the antichrist gains control over those three areas, it will complete 666. Sundar’s message helps bring those three roles into view by connecting one of them to Berlin.

Berlin is interesting because it has been the center of fascism and anti-semitism, leading the world into World War 1 and 2. So it fits the role of the antichrist well.

The Bible reveals the antichrist will establish his throne in Jerusalem when he enters the temple and declares himself to be God, so Jerusalem seems likely to be his religious headquarters. (2 Thessalonians 2:1-4) The location of his economic headquarters remains unknown.

Sundar made no mention of the identity of the antichrist, but many others have received dreams, visions, and words pointing to Barack Obama. In a dream in 2014, I was taken years into the future where I was shown Obama’s role in the destruction of the United States. At the end of the dream, I saw a plane flying east leaving the United States as it flew over the Atlantic Ocean. I knew Obama was on the plane. Then I heard the voice of someone standing behind me saying, “He has completed his assignment here. He is now moving on to his next assignment.”

Some dismiss the possibility that Obama could be the antichrist because they claim the antichrist does not come from the United States. However, my dream helped me understand he will not always be in the United States, but will depart from here and rise to power in another part of the world. His next assignment has not yet come into view because he is still working on his first assignment. These events will take years to unfold because he won’t even start his next assignment until he complete the first one, although his current assignment is helping him lay the groundwork for the next one.

In 2016, Diane Pulliam received a confirmation of what I saw, Obama moving into a new assignment after departing from the United States. She saw him taking up residency in Iraq.

Another confirmation comes from the creepy 5-minute video shown below, which looks like something out of an apocalyptic movie with thousands of young people in Germany watching Obama on a big screen as he talks with Angela Merkel. It is amazing they would care enough to take time to listen to him and even more amazing considering Obama had already left office. I doubt many young people in America would pay attention to a German leader, especially not a former leader, yet somehow Obama has captured the hearts of many German people. Obama was also welcomed by huge crowds after he became president in 2009 and visited Berlin, making a speech at the Brandenburg Gate.