Road Literally Explodes as Deadly Floods Sweep Across Rio de janeiro

Heavy floods are currently wreaking havoc in the Metropolitan Region of Rio, Brazil.

The deadly flooding has killed at least 4 and literally exploded a street as shown in the video below:

An insane deluge

As reported by local scientists, some areas recorded more than 180mm of rain within 36 hours (late 29 February to early 02 March).

If that’s not enough, a weather station in Mendanha recorded 61.4mm of rain in just 1 hour late on 29 February, with 17.6mm falling in 15 minutes. That’s a deluge!

Flooding, landslides, cars swept away

The rain is responsible for heavy floods and deadly landslides that caused large damage in the Metropolitan Region of Rio as well as in the Baixada Fluminense region of the state.

Dozens of roads were flooded, cars swept away and houses damaged. Two people were injured when a house collapsed in Magé, Baixada Fluminense.

Road explodes during Rio de Janeiro deadly floods. Picture via Twitter

In Rio, the Metroplitan Civil Defense responded to 161 calls in total, many of them for collapsed or damaged buildings.

The severe weather in Rio de Janeiro follows a series of flood events in the states of Espírito Santo, Minas Gerais and São Paulo. Belo Horizonte saw its rainiest February in 16 years.