Rabbi Reveals The Cure For Coronavirus Can Be Found in the Book of Samuel

Rabbi Shlomo Khaimov revealed in a video address that the cure for coronavirus can be found in the book of kings.

The rabbi notes that during the time of King David, there was also a plague whereby “everyday dozens and dozens of people were dying.”

Hashem sent a pestilence upon Yisrael from morning until the set time; and 70,000 of the people died, from Dan to Be’er Sheva.

(Samuel 2 24:15)

Rabbi Khaimov explains that when David asked Hashem how to end the plague, Hashem responded by imploring David to call on the men to make “100 blessings a day”. According to the rabbi, the cure for the plague was to recite 100 blessings and that’s why David made the decree.

This unexpected cure was further elaborated  on by founder & Director of AZAMRA Rabbi Avraham Ben Yaakov Greenbaum saying:

The word ‘ AL in the verse has the numerical value of 100 (Ayin 70 + Lamed 30), corresponding to David’s institution of the requirement to recite 100 blessings every day. (These include all the daily morning blessings, the blessings over Psukey DeZimra and over the morning and evening Shema, the thrice-repeated Shmonah Esray, the blessings before and after eating, etc.) David instituted these blessings in order to rectify the ignorance of the people of his generation about the Temple that had to be built (Bamidbar Rabbah 18) – for the Temple is “built” out of prayers and blessings. This ignorance was the root cause of the terrible plague described in the next chapter. David’s whole concern was to prepare for the Temple , and he merited being the “sweet singer of Israel ” (v 1): it was the songs of David that were sung ever after in the Temple services.

Rabbi Khaimov then recalls many other viruses that caused international panic such as anthrax, the swine flu and the zika virus. Regarding the current coronavirus, the rabbi invoked the famous phrase from Ecclesiastes: Read more

There is nothing new Beneath the sun!

(Ecclesiastes 1:9)

The address can be seen in the video below.