Rabbi Glick Interrupts Netanyahu’s Speech to Remind him to Build Third Temple

During a speech at the Kohelet Policy Forum on Wednesday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, among other things, discussed the importance of Israel’s presence in Judea and Samaria.

Warning about the dangers of Israel’s withdrawal from the region it liberated in the Six-Day-War, Netanyahu stated: “If Israel is not present on the hills of Judea and Samaria, Islamists will take over instead.”

Without skipping a beat, Rabbi Yehuda Glick interrupted him yelling: “same with the Temple Mount!”

At that point, the Prime Minister gave Glick an uncomfortable glare and continued with his speech.

However, Glick’s intention was not to embarrass the Prime Minister but rather to keep the idea of the third Temple alive and in the psyche of the Jewish people as he told Breaking Israel News: “You have to keep saying it. If you don’t say it, you’ll forget it.”

The following speaker was Defense Minister Naftali Bennett who during his speech, began to list important locations throughout Israel which didn’t include the Temple Mount. At a certain point, Glick interrupted him too adding “and the Temple Mount!”

This time, Bennett responded to Glick’s comment saying: “You’re absolutely right Yehuda, also the Temple Mount.”