Prophetic Dream: Church Persecution in Rwanda

Hello Admin,I didn’t know how to post this revelation on your Facebook page. I feel that it should be shared so that we may unite in prayer and fulfill God’s call. I hope that you will find it worth sharing.

By the grace, might, and will of Jehovah God Almighty, our Father, I had a dream in which the leader of Rwanda broke the door of what seemed to be the dormitory of a sacred institution where I was sleeping amongst other Christians. All the bedding and our pajamas were white. He was clothed in black and was seething with anger.

He started quarreling us following which one of us shouted a response at him in opposition to his words. This infuriated him more and he started attacking us violently. We ran outside for safety but we realized that we were surrounded by his agents who had already lit fire that was burning down things, including some of us.

They pursued and caught us. I was arrested amongst a few others and paraded before the leader of Rwanda for sentencing. 

I then saw a foreign woman condemning and threatening to report him to the ICC for the persecution. Without caring, he tried us and sentenced us to death after we failed. However, the foreigner intervened on our behalf and requested him to try us again.

I thank God for we won in our second chance and my dream ended with celebration for the victory.I did not understand the meaning of this until yesterday when by God’s grace I received an interpretation in a very simple, funny, yet clear manner.

I was led to a post that detailed the onset of church closures in Rwanda starting 2018 following the drafting of laws that set specific structural requirements for churches- which many of the country’s churches could not meet (possibly due to financial limitations).

Some church leaders were arrested and tried for opposing these laws. ***You can research on the laws for better understanding. Funny enough, I realized that the report had been made by the International Christian Concern (ICC) ***( 

This drew my interest and upon searching the internet for almost an hour, I came across a press statement made by the leader of Rwanda on the 7th Nov 2021, the EXACT DATE set as the International Prayer Day for persecuted christians, in which the leader announced that he had closed 6000 churches and mosques and that he would HENCEFORTH require all religious leaders in Rwanda to be degree holders- a difficult requirement going by Rwanda’s standing in tertiary education development.

I then understood my dream- the church in Rwanda is facing intense persecution and nobody seems to bother- funny enough, a large part of its people support it. However, the church will soon emerge victorious- IF WE FERVENTLY PRAY FOR GOD’S INTERVENTION. I hereby call upon all believers to pray for the Christians of Rwanda- Surely, God is faithful. Darkness cannot prevail over light, neither will the gates of hell prevail- In the name of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior, the foundation of our faith and Church. Glory be to Jehovah God Almighty who reveals to his servants the secrets hidden in the darkest of depths.