Powerful Lahars Race Down the Steep Slopes of Fuego Volcano After Strong Eruption in Guatemala

Moderate to strong lahars descended down the slopes of the Volcán de Fuego in El Jute and Las Lajas ravines.

The two ravines are on the eastern flank of the volcano and are tributaries of the Achuguate and Guacalate rivers, respectively.

,center>First the volcanic eruption on the 4th of July:

Then the ferocious river of mud on the 5th of July:

In this video, you even see people being dragged and saved from a stranded car.

Notable lahars include those at Mount Pinatubo and Nevado del Ruiz, the latter of which killed thousands of people in the town of Armero.

And did you know that urban Seattle could be facing a lahar as tall as 600 freaking feet. Yes! it’s already happened before!