Over 150 dead seagulls found on beach in New Zealand

The Department of Conservation is investigating the deaths of dozens of seagulls found today by a member of the public on Waikawa Beach, near Levin.

It comes after a Manukau resident says she saw over 150 dead seagulls on the beach this afternoon.

Beverly Dowling was walking on Waikawa Beach and Kuku Beach where she saw some birds struggling to fly and others that were dead.

“They were struggling to fly, trying to take off and failing,” she said.

The seagull in the video in this story died about 10 minutes after she finished filming.

A DOC spokesperson told 1 NEWS the gulls appear to mainly be black backed gulls, which although are not protected are a native species.

“We are not yet sure what has happened and are investigating. Our focus at the moment is on what action to take with the birds.

“We would ask that anyone who is on the beach please keep their distance from the gulls, and keep any dogs on leashes,” the spokesperson said.