New University Model Projects 350,000 Deaths By End Of June If All States Fully Reopen

 A new model from Wharton School at the University Of Pennsylvania is now coming out with a new projection for the coronavirus death toll. According to a report from CBS, we could see a death toll as high as 350,000 by the end of June if states begin to reopen too quickly.

The new model reportedly looks at several different scenarios that could happen as states begin to lift stay-at-home orders. “The economic costs have been enormous and we are suffering really significant, unprecedented costs as a result of these policies,” said Alex Arnon, senior analyst at The Penn Wharton Budget Model.

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The model allegedly shows that if states continue with stay-at-home orders, nationwide, roughly 117,000 COVID-19 deaths from May 1st through the end of June, with 18.6 million jobs lost and Partially reopening would result in additional deaths during the same time, with 14 million jobs lost. However, the model predicts that if all states fully reopen, it estimates nearly 350,000 COVID-19 deaths by the end of June, with a half-million jobs lost.

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