New ebola outbreak in North Kivu, DR Congo – 11 cases and already 6 dead – 5 months after the previous outbreak IN SAME REGION

Eleven NEW cases of Ebola virus disease have so far been confirmed by health officials in the northeastern province of North Kivu in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).

This is more than five months after the end of a previous Ebola outbreak in the same province.

As of Nov. 3, 11 Ebola cases have been reported, including six deaths, since the first confirmed case of a two-year-old boy who died on Oct. 6.

Moreover, 604 people exposed to the virus have been identified.

On Thursday afternoon, the first two patients cured of Ebola virus disease were discharged from the local Ebola Treatment Center (ETC) since the resurgence of the virus was declared by DRC’s heath ministry on Oct. 8 in North Kivu province.

Ebola outbreak in DR Congo in November 2021. Map relief web
Ebola outbreak in DR Congo in November 2021. Map relief web

According to the chief medical officer of North Kivu’s Beni area, Dr. Michel Tosalisana, the patients are a couple admitted in the ETC soon after the virus reappeared in the region.

In early May 2021, the DRC officially declared the end of the 12th Ebola outbreak in North Kivu province. [BigNewsNetwork]