New Documentary Explores Satanist/Idolatrous Roots of Pro-Abortion Movement [WATCH]

Ten days ago, an anti-abortion group, released a 22-minute documentary titled “Abortion: A Doctrine of Demons.” The movie came as a result of the group’s experiences in which their activists noticed a link between pro-abortion efforts and proclamations of satanism.

“At first, we wondered if our experience was unique or if there was a legitimate connection between the defense of abortion and satanism,” the group’s founder Mark Harrington said on his radio show. “So, we began investigating. And what we found is nothing short of disturbing. Our team began producing a film to share our findings.”

The film notes the religious roots of the anti-abortion movement and then illustrates the corresponding “religious” basis of the pro-abortion movement in Satanism.

“Satanists and abortion supporters both believe in ‘bodily autonomy,” Harrington said. “For the Satanist, defending abortion access is a worthy form of worship because one of their tenets states, ‘one’s body is inviolable, subject to one’s own will.’ The satanic doctrine of absolute autonomy over one’s own destiny has become the pro-abortion rallying cry of ‘My body, my choice.’”

This tenet is explicitly stated on the Satanic Temple’s website which also advocates for “religious reproductive rights.” Ironically, the Satanic Temple also advocates for the “Protect the Children Project” which works against “corporate punishment in schools.”

The movie interviewed Zachary King who began practicing magic at ten years old and joined a satanic coven at 13 years old. When he was 15, he assisted in his first ritual abortion, where the objective was to get blood on his hands. When he was 21, he was appointed High Wizard in the coven. By the time he left Satanism, King had assisted in 146 abortions. 

“When you’re doing an abortion, blood is the binding agent in a Satanic anything. Ultimately you’re wanting the blood of the baby. Because that is a Satanic sacrifice,” King said in the movie. “ A lot of people think that the devil is their god.” 

The documentary compares abortions to child sacrifice that was practiced as part of idolatry, one example being to the Phoenician god Moloch. In addition, child sacrifice was used by the South American Incas. The film notes that these practices were incompatible with Judeo-Christian culture. 

It should be noted that YouTube removed the preview of the documentary.  Here it is on Vimeo: