Mysterious Blood Flowing Like Falls in Antarctica

Is Mother Earth bleeding from its womb?

Well this mysterious place in Antarctica is called Blood Falls.

2 million years ago the Taylor Glacier sealed off a small body of water that contained a community of microbes.

The red coloration of Blood Falls is due to microbes

This small pool of wild animals has not seen oxygen, sunlight or heat since that time.

Blood Falls is due to an alien world of tiny unicellulars.

As the earth warmed and the glaciers in Antarctica melted away, these organisms have been independently evolving for eons without any outside contact.

The red alien landscape at Blood Falls in Antarctica. Picture: Imgur

Until now, when they’ve suddenly sprung forth from the glacier. The frothy water is rich in iron, which gives it the striking red color.

This red snow in the middle of Antarctica is just too eerie.

These strangely alien microbes may exist nowhere else on earth, and they give scientists an idea of what kind of life may survive after the earth becomes uninhabitable by almost all other life forms.

So, there’s a place called Blood Falls, located on the frozen, cruel and empty continent of Antarctica, that contains strange life forms which have been sealed away for untold ages, and have now awoken and spilled forth onto the world.

Blood Falls is just another alien world on Earth.

Oh yeah, and they’ll probably be the last things alive on the planet.

Sketch showing how Blood Falls form in Antarctica

I was in Antarctica, but did not have the chance to snap those Blood Falls. Maybe in another life! One week ago, the ice in front of the Antarctic Ukrainian research station turned blood red. Or those strange phenomena signs of the incoming apocalypse? More biblical headlines on Strange Sounds.