Mosque Converted into Factory of Face Mask(Video)

Iranian women volunteered to make face masks and other protective items at the Imamzadeh-Masum mosque in a southwestern district of Tehran, because of the coronavirus crisis.

The women normally accompany visitors to the battlefields of the Iran-Iraq war, but now this is not possible because of a travel ban between cities.

Lined up like factory workers, around 15 women produce face masks in front of table-top sewing machines.

In another room of the mosque, men sit on prayer mats and make plastic gloves with rudimentary heat-sealing devices.

The products are distributed to hospitals and deprived areas in Tehran and other cities.

One of the volunteers made no secret of the religious reasons for her contribution. For her, it is the same as “making the heart of Imam Zaman happy.” Zaman is another name for the Mahdi, the last of the twelve imams venerated by Shia Islam.

The coronavirus has claimed more than 3,800 lives in Iran, a country with a population of 83 million inhabitants.