Man dies and meets his grandfather and Jesus before coming back to life

A man named Brent recently shared his extraordinary NDE or Near Death Experience where he claimed to have died after accidentally overdosing on medicine as a child.

According to the report from Express, The event occurred when Brent was only nine years of age but remembers the event in stunning detail and cane even recall everything that happened in detail. Brent shared his memories of God, Jesus, and the afterlife with the Near-Death Experience Research Foundation (NDERF). In his account, Brent stated that “I was dying and my body was shutting down. “All of a sudden, I was in this large, open space.

It was endless space. “I was standing there it seemed as if I knew everything. “All my senses where extremely heightened. Next, I saw a man walking toward me.” Brent goes on to claim that the man walking towards him was his grandfather, who died two years earlier.

When Brent’s grandfather got close to him he told him it was not yet his time before he hugged him and disappeared, He then states that a bright light appeared and it was then that Brent claims he was touching the “tangible presence of God”. The light was “all-powerful” and the figure of Jesus Christ began to approach him. Brent said: “The moment I opened my eyes, I saw feet and holes in these feet.

“As he reached out his hand, I saw nail prints not in his palm or forearms but in his wrists. “I grabbed his hand and I was able to stand up. “I felt this unexplainably intense love, with joy, peace, and just overwhelming. It seemed as if time didn’t matter. “As he pulled me up, I saw that he wore an all-white robe, but whiter than one would see on this Earth.”

According to Brent’s account, Jesus had piercing blue eyes and hair as white as wool. He went to say: “He spoke to me and said, ‘My son, my son, it’s not time for you to come home yet. I have much work for you to do on Earth.’ “He said it again as he put his hand on my shoulder. I felt like I was being sucked back into my body.”

It was immediately after this that Brent remembers opening his eyes and coming too in the hospital where he was surrounded by doctors and nurses. To this day, Brent claims:  “I know now that it was the same cloud that Moses walked into on Mount Sinai as he entered the presence of God. “I later found a description in scripture that talked about his appearance is the same as I had seen in my experience. “I also discovered that science has proven that the crucifixion of Jesus happened with the nail through the wrists instead of in the hands.”