Largest Landfill in Bogota Bursts Open and Spills 60,000 Tons of Trash and Dirt Down the Mountain in Colombia

The Dona Juana landfill, the largest landfill outside Bogota burst open on Tuesday night.

The Colombian capital’s largest trash dump spilled 60,000 tons of trash and dirt down the side of the mountain south of the city. OMG! Imagine the smell!

Local residents took social networks in storm to complain about the strong smells emitted by the trash. According to officials the odors pose no health risk.

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Residents aren’t convinced.

One woman, Luceris Segura, told Reuters: “This has caused environmental contamination due to the gases coming from the landslide.

Today local residents are asking for the total closure of the Dona Juana landfill in order to introduce a new model of the reuse of solid waste through clean technology.

In 1997, the same landfill was the sight of an even bigger trash landslide when 1.2 million tons went tumbling down the hill. [Youtube]

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