Laguna de Chichimequillas Turns Pink in Mexico

The Laguna de Chichimequillas turned pink overnight in Zacatecas, Mexico.

The residents fear for their health as they drink that water, use it to irrigate their fields and all the springs in the region are interconnected underground.

It is still unknown why the water in the Laguna de Chichimequillas in Mexico turned bright pink.

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Residents discovered the mysterious pink phenomenon on Good Friday early morning, just after the community was woken up by a loud roar.

There were no thunderstorms in the area.

So many residents started attributing the pink water laguna to extraterrestrial events, like a meteorite falling to Earth, or supernatural events, like UFOs.

Meanwhile the pink water is being investigated.

Authorities suggest the weird pink color is due to minerals that dye the water of the small lake. This would be unprecedented in the region.

Another hypothesis – and much more plausible – is that pink algae are currently blooming in the very salty waters of the lagoon due to a perfect mix of high temperatures, sunlight and low rainfall. [YoutubeLider Impresarial]

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