On September 15th, 2019, I received a prophetic dream concerning Kanye West, Donald Trump, and Justin Bieber. Charisma Magazine published the dream online here: https://www.charismamag.com/…/42937-prophetic-dream-donald-…

The encounter quickly went viral around the world and with millions of views, I was invited to do radio and television interviews in many places. I declined, however, believing my assignment as a messenger was complete. In essence, I knew through prayer and fasting that God gave me the prophetic dream so that He might help His people recognize the era we are entering into in the earth.

In the prophetic dream that was published, I personally prophesied over Kanye West and said, “Kanye, just as the Lord raised up Donald Trump to be a wrecking ball to this nation, so God has raised you up as another wrecking ball for such a time as this. Trump has wrecked the political landscape in America, but you shall wreck the religious one. You both will not say and do many things that the church will demand, but heaven has designed it this way. There is a spiritual father, a pastor that will take you underneath his wing and protect you from the masses. For the brood of vipers will seek to crucify you ahead your time.”

After almost two months have passed since the prophetic dream went viral in September, to say Kanye West has become a wrecking ball to the Church is a serious understatement. And as to the “brood of vipers”, many who are in the Church, they have attacked him and questioned his conversion viciously. Yet, many other Christians have rejoiced and thanked God for his profession of faith in Christ and the platform God has granted him. I personally have been very outspoken both publicly and privately, warning the Church not become critical and attack what God is doing with Kanye West.

With that being said, I recently received a very troubling prophetic dream concerning Kanye West on November 2nd. I have not felt released to share the dream until now.

In this encounter, Kanye entered a large arena that looked much like a church building. However, the words “babylon” were written over its doors. There was a red carpet that was rolled out for Kanye and the applause of the people was deafening. As he took the stage and began to sing “Jesus is King”, there was a purity that erupted out of his heart, yet a spirit of serious idolatry in the church arena that was horrific. Many in the crowd began to fall down and worship Kanye.

I immediately recognized the battle for his soul. Though his conversion and commitment to the Lord Jesus be pure, there was an anti-christ spirit waging war on him in the dream and to my shock it was actually coming from within the church.

In my dream, I ran down to the stage and began to tell Kanye that he had to get off of it. Leaning down so he could hear me now, I prophesied to him and said, “Those who love entertainment and the false gospel of prosperity seek to devour the pure anointing upon your life even now. Jezebel has come for your vineyard and you must refuse to give it up. Do not open the garden of your heart to those who will try to entice and make deals and alliances with you. Kanye, you must avoid the unholy alliances and the idolatry of the people in the coming season. Beware!”

I immediately woke up from the prophetic dream in deep intercession and travail. As I began to cry out under the intense burden of the Lord, my prayers reached out toward the millions of Christians around the world who are now supporting and watching Kanye like never before. Whether by chance you heard and read the first prophetic dream God gave me in September or not, I’m now warning the body of Christ that Kanye West is in grave danger of being polluted by a spirit of anti-christ within the church that wants to worship him and seduce him into believing a false gospel of prosperity and entertainment. There is a babylonian spirit running rampant in parts of the church and it wants to take Kanye out and silence the prophetic voice God has given him in our generation.

Would you please join me right now in covering Kanye West and his family in prayer and intercession? Let’s target the spirit of the anti-christ that is warring against his soul, trying to seduce him with the love of money, fame, and applause. The Babylonian spirit of entertainment and prosperity will try to allure him into compromising the pure prophetic anointing God has given him. May we be quick to recognize that Kanye has truly been raised up for such a time as this, but may we also understand the propensity of so many, especially in the church, to elevate him into a place that God has never desired to give him.

Kneeling in prayer,

Jeremiah Johnson