Judgement: Iran Has Been Buried in Meters of Snow

Thousands of people have been stranded on icy roads as heavy snowfall in northern Iran has blocked all roads, from highways to rural dirt trail.

The heavy storm has killed 8, injured 145 and as many as 80 have been reported missing. Power, water and natural gas supplies have been cut off in many places.

It’s been already four days since the storm, but thousands of people are still without water and electricity.

At least eight people have been killed and 145 more injured in the snow-hit province of Gilan.

Many rural roads are still blocked and over 250,000 people are suffering from a power outage. Because I you can imagine… It’s freezing over there and people can’t heat.

It’s a snow disaster! And the snow storm even buried sheep that had to be freed by the farmers.

Heavy snowfall hit 50 out of 52 cities of the province and many areas were buried in 40 inches (1 meter) to 80 inches (2 meters) of snow in less than 24 hours.

Tunnels in the snow during as snow storm buries Iran in meters of snow. Picture via Twitter

And that during the celebrations of the 1979 Islamic revolution’s anniversary. Can you imagine?

The storm also disrupted power, natural gas and water supplies, as well as internet and telecommunication services across the province.

Some old people had to be freed from their homes.

Just in the town of Rasht where more than 700,000 live, the storm had left nearly 100,000 homes and businesses without power, telephone and mobile communications.

Samaneh Ekvan wrote in a tweet that people did not trust weather forecast for this week, as they thought the government wanted to prevent them from travelling around in order to keep city streets busy during the celebrations.

As of Wednesday, thousands of people were reportedly stranded on the roads leading to the province.

Videos show passengers on the road from Tehran to Rasht abandoning their cars and walking to their destination.

The snowstorm was forecasted days ago, but the urban and government officials did not respond to the warning and took no necessary preventive measures.

Again, this powerful snowstorm hit Iran during the celebrations of the 1979 Islamic revolution’s anniversary. So you understand that officials didn’t care at all about those poor guys freezing in the dark. For the Islamic Republic Minister of Energy this last snow storm was unprecedented and much more extreme than the previous record in 2004.