Jerusalem Residents Awaken Mystified by Simultaneous Midnight Shofar Blasts

Residents throughout Jerusalem were awakened at midnight on Monday morning by the sound of shofar blasts permeating Israel’s capital. The event appears to be a spiritual wake up call asking God to heal the world of coronavirus.

As one resident in that Bayit Vegan neighborhood took it as a spiritual awakening saying:

I just have to write out my thoughts and feelings after experiencing the sounds of that shofar in the valley. Sorry, I need to get it out, I’m buzzing. put everything in your heads aside, look at what our world has come to. Look at it. Its horrendous beyond words, it’s awful, it’s so very painful and surreal. We’re living a reality that’s new and transformative. It feels odd, we’re all feeling it. Everything has changed. Hashem has decreed that we cannot go to shul, we cannot go to yeshivas, we cannot sit and learn together, we cannot congregate as a community, nation or people. we cannot kiss Sifrei Torah!!! Its awful. We cannot place siddurim in front of us in a beit knesset and place them back on the shelves, we cannot take a Chumash and follow the baal Koreh. we cannot hug each other, we cannot laugh together and see each others smiles. we cannot shake hands and wish each other Shabbat Shalom or Good Shabbos or Good Yom Tov or Chag Sameach, we cannot hear kriat haTorah! I cant film my parasha videos with all the wonderful, holy and smart Yidden here in our little corner of the world. Its heartbreaking, all of it.  Do we get what Hashem has decreed? Pls set all your thoughts aside and feel the sheer magnitude and enormity of this. Hashem created the world for Torah, for learning, for tefila and for Am Yisrael in all its many beautiful expressions.  And He has removed these basic fundamental elements from the world in a matter of days! We cannot minimize this at all. If your biological father suddenly took away everything that he cherished to give you how would you feel?! Distraught and overwhelmed with sadness. You would feel pain because of his pain. Hashem is in agony!  Hashem has been forced to take everything away from us that for centuries has defined Jewish life. He has decreed that our life force, the  beautiful Sifrei Torahs now sit alone, silent and unused, sitting in thousands of Aron Kodesh around the world. Its totally unnatural to the extreme for Am Yisrael and for creation itself! Sitting there unused, unread, locked up. We should feel so in pain that all we can say is “Hashem, I love you. Please love us back and fix your broken world”. We MUST feel the pain of all this. Yes we wish EVERYONE well, Jew and non Jew alike but our focus must not be the pain of this physical virus, for it’s just a product of the spiritual virus we ALL must have contributed to. the virus and pain of our severed relationship with Hashem. We have to delve deep and find that simple place of love for Hashem and each other. I don’t know what that was just now but I heard the sound of the shofar over and over again. Yeah it could be some guys screwing around but it didnt matter. I wanted it to be the real thing. I wanted the next stage. I didnt want it to stop. I wanted it to get louder and louder until everybody woke up and ran outside. That feeling was incredible. INCREDIBLE. I want it again but for real. I want everyone to feel it and experience it. This is what we’ve been waiting for and what else are we now waiting for? To get back to business as usual?!?!?! What a downer. What an anti climax! Do we know in our hearts that at any moment He will send Mashiach whenever we want Him to. He will. Hashem breathed life into Adam through the nostrils and now this virus is all related to the nostrils. The test is through the nostrils and the cure will be through the nostrils. It’s all about the breath, the nishima, the neshama. The test is the miracle! The miracle is in the test…. NISAYON and NES. Where does our ability to breathe come from if not from the breath of life?! I’m ranting, I really dont care. You might care but I need to get this out. I’m excited, I’m hopeful, I’m waiting…. what are we waiting for? The next Zoom minyan or learning? Or the Beit HaMikdash!!!  That experience as Doni just said to me was a ‘taste of what’s coming’. Fellas, its coming. Know in your heart it’s coming. And we can herald its artical, we can CORONAte our King. This is the moment. What else is there to live for now?

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