It’s a Rolling Emergency: 450 Billion Locusts Have Been Killed This Year, but Devastating Swarms Still Ravage Africa, South America, India and the Middle East

Aid groups and local governments have managed to kill about 450 billion locusts this year. But with funding running out in August, that effort could be in vain.

In a worst-case scenario, an additional 5 million people will go hungry because of the swarms’ devastation in Africa, South America, India and the Middle East.

Massive swarms of locusts have devastated large swathes of Africa, Asia, and the Middle East since January, threatening food supplies for millions.

This year, Kenya had its worst infestation in 70 years, and India, Ethiopia, and Somalia had the worst infestations they’ve had in 25 years.

Meanwhile Paraguay and now Argentina have also been ravaged by these crop-eating insects.