Italy Coronavirus: This Guy Was Trapped at Home With His Dead Sister During 36 Hours Without Help Before He Published this Horrifying Video

He called officials and doctors for help but no one came to assist.

His sister lies dead in the bed behind him.

According to the video uploader, the short film was shot in Napoli. That’s in the south of Italy and shows the Covid-19 has already invaded this part of the country.

His sister, killed by Covid-19, lies dead in his bed and he doesn’t get any help.

He is trapped at home with her body and doesn’t get any advises from doctors and government officials.

He cannot bury her, funeral services refuses to collect her body, priests don’t want to visit him, he’s being left abandoned by everybody.

He has put himself in quarantine… But a dead body disintegrates, putrefies and thus needs some cares. If he doesn’t get help soon his place will look and stink like an Iranian morgue.

The family of Teresa Franzese, 47, who died of coronavirus in the southwestern city of Naples was forced to keep her body at home for more than 36 hours as funeral services refused to transport the body. 

She developed symptoms associated with COVID-19 earlier in the week and died on Saturday evening. She suffered from a form of epilepsy but was otherwise in good health.

The truth about the Italian coronavirus situation is horrifying, almost terrifying! More Covid-19 news on Strange Sounds. [Al Jazeera]