Israeli Mystic warns “The End of The American Empire” is unfolding

A Jewish Rabbi, Alon Anava has just made a stunning warning in regards to the US election. In the final 20 minutes of a recent 88-minute message, the rabbi stated that “This election is going to change the entire face of the planet.”

Anava who reportedly teaches the Torah to Jews and Gentiles from the city of Tzfat, in Israel’s Galilee region recently announced the claim in a class entitled “Will Trump win the elections? What do the Torah codes reveal?” and has been viewed more than than 21,000 times.

Anava directed his listeners to see a pattern in the Hebrew words of the Torah, that appear highlighted in red. The rabbi spent much time sharing multiple Torah codes related to the presidency of Donald J. Trump and the coronavirus. Most significantly, he explained a fundamental difference between the way Jews and Christians understand Biblical texts. He stated that “The whole Torah is coded,” he taught, referring to the Hebrew text.

“Many messages are not written in the verses. The text is just the revealed part. Hidden in it are many other messages.” Anava revealed multiple verses from Exodus 23, which is part of the weekly Torah portion of Mishpatim (Laws). According to the Rabbi, this is significant being that President Trump originally took office the week that Jewish communities worldwide were reading the Torah portion of Mishpatim.

The rabbi goes on to point out that, with skips of 73 letters, the Hebrew spelling of Trump is encoded in the Torah beginning in Exodus 23, which was read the very week he took office in 2017. According to Israel 365 News, The rabbi offered a few explanations for why skips of 73 letters are significant.

Among them is the fact that 73 is the numerical value of the Hebrew word chochmah, which means wisdom. “Hashem (God) runs the world with chochmah. This is how He controls governments and presidents,” Anava explained. He goes onto state that  “It’s almost irrelevant who is going to be the next president,” Anava declared. “Either way you’re looking at it, the redemption is going to come.”

Anava referred to both President Trump and contender Joe Biden as “puppets” who will be fulfilling the will of God, whatever happens at the polls. “Regardless of who wins, the outcome will be the same because HaKadosh Baruch Hu (the Holy One, Blessed is He) is driving the train,” Anava asserted.

“The whole system is set up to bring the country to civil war, martial law, and the end of the US. Either way, you look at it, it’s going to bring the country down. “America is done. America is going to go down and with it, the entire world. Why? Because Hashem is preparing the entire world to bring His messiah – Moshaich ben David (Messiah, son of David) – to come and redeem the entire world, not only the Jews.

“There cannot be a redemption if there are governments. There cannot be a redemption if there are world leaders. Moshiach is going to come and remove the world leaders, so it’s really irrelevant who is going to win. “You can kiss the Great United States of America goodbye.

Within a few months, you’ll see this entire great country going down with its economy, with its power. And all the countries of the world are going to follow. “Anyone who is with the program is going to be part of it. And anyone who is against the program will not be part of it.  And the redemption is not only for the Jews. The redemption is for the entire world. All the nations of the world are part of it.”