Israel Defense Minister Leaks Plan of a Surprise Attack Against Hamas

In an interview on Tuesday with 0404, Israel’s Defense Minister and ‘Yemina’ party head Naftali Bennett said that he doesn’t  believe in “rounds of fighting.” He also revealed that the Prime Minister has agreed to a surprise attack in Gaza that “none of our enemies will expect.”

He told Boaz Golan that he spoiled the surprise to let Hamas avoid it from happening. However, he did add that it will happen “soon.”

In another interview with i24 News on Monday, the Yemina leader said that Israel is “preparing something” for the terrorist groups in the Gaza Strip, according to Israeli Defense Minister Naftali Bennett.

Bennett also said that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and IDF Chief of Staff Aviv Kochavi are preparing a “meaningful move” that will only take place “on our terms and in our time.”

“I want to do it on our terms,” said Bennett. “You want to be effective with a very cruel enemy such as Hamas. You don’t want them to lead you into their game.”

Regarding the latest spike in hostilities between Israel and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad in Gaza, Bennett said “this round is not the fundamental solution; we need to fundamentally change the situation there.”

He added that “it will take a bit of time, but we’ll get it done.”

Egypt and the United Nations helped negotiate a ceasefire between Israel and Gaza following two days of fighting with the Palestinian Islamic Jihad terror group that saw some 60 rockets fired at Israel, Reuters reported Tuesday. More Biblical News @BREAKINGISRAELNEWS