Is that the worst planet in the Universe? Astronomers discover a ‘Disaster’ planet with deep lava seas 3,000 mph wind and where it even rains rocks

Worst planet in the Universe discovered with raining rocks, 60 mile deep lava seas and winds of more than 3,000 mph. Picture: Reuters

That’s probably the worst planet in our Universe… At least one of the most inhospitable new worlds out there with 60 mile deep lava seas, winds of more than 3,000 mph, and where rocks rain from the sky.

The exoplanet K2-141b belongs to a subset of rocky planets that orbit very close to their star. Therefore it is locked in place with the same side always facing it.

The side facing its sun has a temperature of about 3,000°C (5432°F), while the other side, facing the cold Universe, has a temperature of only -200°C (-328 °F).

The strange, Earth size-like exoplanet is situated around 200 light years away from us and harbours a vast ocean of magma – more than 60 miles deep and several smaller lava seas.

If that’s the faith of Earth – extreme temperatures, rocks rains, deep lava seas and 3,000 mph winds – we really have to move to the Moon!