Iran Police Fired Live Ammunition at protesters criticizing shootdown of Ukrainian plane

Videos published online on Monday show Iranian security forces using live ammunition and tear gas on protesters criticizing the Islamic republic’s decision to initially deny that it shot down a Ukrainian jetliner on Wednesday. The crash killed all 176 people on board.

The videos show people fleeing a tear gas canister that landed among a crowd of demonstrators near Azadi Square. Another video also shows a woman being carried away after allegedly being shot in the leg.

Tehran police chief Gen. Hossein Rahimi denied that police opened fire, although he did confirm that police used tear gas.

Riot police in black uniforms were also gathered Sunday in Vali-e Asr Square, at Tehran University, and other landmarks. Revolutionary Guard members patrolled the city and plainclothes security were also out.

The Guard has previously been accused of shooting demonstrators. President Trump warned the regime on Sunday not to kill protesters: