Iran Coronavirus: Mass Graves Are Being Dug and at Least 27 Killed by Alcohol Poisoning After Trying to Cure Themselves From Coronavirus

With the outbreak of Covid-19 in Iran, rumors and unscientific treatments on how to fight the virus have spread on social media. Among them was drinking alcohol.

And some Iranians were crazy enough to drink industrial alcohol (methanol) sold in the market for sanitizing purposes.

Some got blind and others are in critical condition. At least 27 have died.

In the province of Khuzestan, 20 people died and at least 218 were hospitalized from alcohol poisoning. In contrast, there are only 73 confirmed coronavirus infections, accoring to official data.

In the northern province of Alborz, alcohol poisoning killed seven people.

Meanwhile, the Covid-19 epidemic in Iran is going out-of-control with people licking sacred shrines in Qom (Iranian coronavirus epicenter) and lying dead in morgue cemeteries.

Mass graves

As shown in the below videos, mass graves are being dug around Iran.

In the first video from Takestan, Qazvin Province, you even see ‘doctors’ lifting a body and dropping it into the crater: