In pictures: Strawberry Moon rises

On the night of the 24 June, the final supermoon of the year was captured by photographers around the world. At this time, Earth’s natural satellite appears bigger and brighter in the night sky.

Each month, the full Moon has a different name. The Strawberry Moon is said to have been so named because it coincides with the season for harvesting the fruit in North America.

The full moon rises behind the Temple of Poseidon near Athens in Greece
The Moon rises behind the 66m (217ft) high Millennium Cross in Skopje, North Macedonia
Television antennas in Ronda, southern Spain
In Australia the moon shines down on Sydney Harbour Bridge
The cross of St Antony Church is seen as the supermoon rises over Zahraa El Maadi, a suburb of Cairo, Egypt
The full supermoon rising over Malagueta beach in Malaga, Spain
The Statue of Liberty in New York seemingly looking towards the rising Moon