IDF Miracle in Hebron: Soldier Emerges from Fire Bomb Attack Unscathed

When you walk through fire, You shall not be scorched; Through flame, It shall not burn you. Isaiah 43:2

An image that has gone viral in Arabic social media circles shows an Israeli soldier getting hit by a Molotov cocktail thrown at him by an Arab terrorist in Hebron. The firebomb caused his clothes to catch on fire.

Miraculously, the troop survived the attack without a scratch.
Hebron has been a flash point of Palestinian violence lately. More importantly, this isn’t the first time that what can only be described as a ‘miracle’, saved the life of a Jew in the ancient city in 2020..

Breaking Israel News reported on an event that took place just over a week ago, an Israeli civilian avoided probable death after the blade of an Arab terrorist who tried to kill him broke. This incident not only stopped the threat to the victim’s life but also prevented the terrorist from killing other Jewish civilians who were with him in the vicinity.

The image of the Molotov cocktail was also shared by Israeli rap star and right-wing activist Hatzel (the Shadow):