Hundreds of Grey Petrels Trapped on Cruise Ship in Russia (video)

Hundreds of grey petrels were trapped overnight after landing on the ship Vitus Bering sailing to Kholmsk, Russia.

The crew simply threw the birds overboard back into water. Many died during unloading! Ecologists weren’t let on board.

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As seen in the strange images, it was just impossible to step on the deck so as not to catch one of the birds.

The birds were trapped because of their anatomical characteristics. They simply cannot take off from the deck, they need a hill or a counter flow of air,” explained Alexander Ivanov, head of the Green Sakhalin Fund.

According to him, the birds were attracted by the lights on the ship. But were unable to take off and left stranded on the deck.

As shown in the below video, the birds have been violented and many of them died when thrown back to water.

Environmentalists tried to board the ship by contacting the Western Sea Port, but weren’t allowed.

Grey petrels are great divers but can only take off with perfect wind conditions.

So do you think this mysterious bird gathering on a Russian ship could be linked to the mass death of hundreds of small birds on another cruise ship and the thousands of seabirds currently washing up on Scottish beaches. More animal mass die-offs on Strange Sounds or The Remnants