Heartbreaking footage shows koala and kangaroo carcasses as a BILLION animals feared dead in Australia Fire

THE SUN- A horrific video shows the chilling scenes of burnt animal corpses lining the road of Batlow in New South Wales – one of the areas worst hit by the infernos over the weekend.

A male koala named Guzzle is being treated by at the Mallacoota Wildlife Centre after being rescued by the bushfiresCredit: News Corp Australia
Wildlife carers applied burn cream onto Guzzle’s face to help with his injuriesCredit: News Corp Australia
Devastating footage shows the charred remains of koalas and kangaroos at the roadside in BatlowCredit: Facebook/The ‘new’ Batlow Hotel

It comes as 24 people were killed and 200,000 homes were destroyed in the horrifying bushfires.

Sydney was declared the hottest place on earth yesterday with temperatures rocketing to nearly 50C as fires continued to rip through the area.

Thousands fled for their lives through the chocking smoke after huge areas between Bateman’s Bridge and the border with Victoria state were ruled “unsafe”.

Posting footage of the remains in Batlow ABC cameramatt said: “Absolutely gut wrenching drive into Batlow this morning. Never seen anything like it.

“It’s completely heartbreaking. Worst thing I’ve seen. Story must be told.”

Experts fear a billion animals including mammals, birds, reptiles, frogs and insects have perished in the bushfires, according to Sky News.

Speaking to the broadcaster Stuart Blanch of WWF Australia said many animals were well-adapted to cope with bushfires but the current blazes were “too big and too hot” to escape.

He said: “Animals that make it through the fires will continue to die in the next weeks and months because of dehydration, starvation, disease and being easier prey for feral cats and foxes.

“Even animals that are not being burnt to death are cooked because of extreme temperatures, or they get very confused and lost because of the smoke haze so our animals don’t stand a chance from these mass mega-fires that burn flames up to 200ft high.”

Experts warn some animals could be on the brink of extinction.

The destructive wildfires are thought to have killed off a third of Australia’s Koala population whose numbers are already dangerously low.

Around 8,000 of the furry creatures are believed to have perished whilst there are also huge fears over the western ground parrot, the eastern bristlebird and the Kangaroo Island dunnart.

The blazes are creating their own storms because of the heat they are generating – with fire tornadoes causing some of the biggest fires to merge.

The premier of New South Wales declared a state of emergency after the devastation of more than 200 fires this week.